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Version 2.0
Accepted: 7/6/2018


The following rules changes and clarifications are made pursuant to P336 “Setting Specific Mechanics”.

Rules Used:

AIT follows the BNS rulebook supplemented by the official BNS errara. Any changes in the document supersedes both the BNS rules and the official BNS errata. ( By Night Studios, Mind’s Eye Theater: Vampire the Masquerade.

The official BNS Errata, found at the link below, shall be valid unless it contradicts any information contained in this document.

Chapter One – Introduction

P22, 23: Disregard all references in Ancilla, Elder, and Neonate definitions regarding Status based upon Generation. AIT does not use Generation to determine Status. Status in the World of AIT is set by the Master Harpy of the Character’s home domain.

Chapter Two – Introduction to the World of Darkness

P33: Disregard all entries in the “A Brief History of the World of Darkness” past 1990. AIT began around that time and its history supersedes BNS history.

Chapter Three – Character Creation
P83 Second Character Rule. Players may choose to play a secondary character at AIT. This secondary character is treated as a ‘new player’ and is allowed the 30 free + floor XP total at build. The secondary and primary characters’ XP is non transferable. In the event of a character death, the player builds a new PC only with the XP total (minus a quarter) for the PC who died; Primary or Secondary. They may not use un-sent XP on a secondary character to build a new primary or vise versa. The player will submit a Downtime for EACH character separately, defining primary or secondary on the Downtime. Character Restrictions:
1. A player may only have one Elder PC with the Generation Background of 3,or 4
Diablerizing to Elder Gen after character creation is an exception to this restriction.
2. Only one PC may have Elder Abiding Status no matter how it is acquired;
3. Only one PC may be a Vampire/Ghoul aged 300+years;
4. Only one PC may hold the status of Authority and/or Commander
5. Members with multiple characters must design and play them in such a way to avoid direct and indirect interaction. It is the responsibility of the player to recuse themselves from plots, court positions, or anything else that would cause their own PCs to come into conflict.

P83 Setting-Specific Mechanics & Clan Rarity: Non-Camarilla clans and 7th Generation characters require Storyteller approval before they may begin play. Players should submit their character and include a brief background regarding their character no later than two (2) weeks before game.

P100 Generation: 6th Generation: NEVER ALLOWED AT CHARACTER CREATION, no exceptions. 6th Gen can be earned by in play actions. ( e.g, purchase at auction or diablerie)

P88: Relative to Step 3 Choose a Clan, the Merit point costs of Clans are as follows:
Common: 0
Brujah, Caitiff, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue
Uncommon: 2
Assamite (Vizier), Giovanni, Follower of Set, Ravnos, Malkavian (Ananke/Knight), Toreador (Ishtarri/Volgirre), Ventrue (Crusader), Gangrel (Noiad/Coyote), Tremere (Telyav), Assamite (Rafiq)
Rare: 4
Cappadocian (Samedi), Daughter of Cacophony, Follower of Set (Tlacique / Viper), Gargoyle, Lasombra, Salubri, True Brujah, Gangrel (Arhimanes), Tzimisce (Carpathian), Assamite (Sorcerer)
Restricted: 6
Giovanni (Premascine), Lasombra (Kiasyd), Tzimisce, Tzmisce (Koldun), Cappadocian, Cappadocian (Lamia), Salubri (Healer), Baali, Baali (Angeli).

P92: Sewer Lore: To safely transverse the sewers if a city, a player must hold the lore for the sewers in that city. Each dot of lore allows for 2 levels of sewer knowledge. Only Nosferatu may start the game with sewer lore for the city they live in. This lore is only obtained with a teacher but anyone with the lore may teach. A players only needs to be taught the first dot.

P93: When the Craft skill is used to boost Resources, both Downtime actions must be taken in the same month.

P100: The Generation Background shall be capped at 4. This is in order to maintain cohesion of the ongoing chronicle cap of 7th generation being the lowest player character Generation possible at creation. 6th Gens only being possible to obtain through in play means.

P102: A Haven may be located in the sewers if the owner possesses the skill of Sewer Navigation. A Sewer Haven must choose the Quality: Location, to represent it being in the sewers. A Sewer Haven may not possess the Qualities: Luxury, Staff. A Sewer Haven with the Quality: Guards is protected by Ghouled Animals.

P102: When a character utilizes the Herd Background during a game session, the Blood gained is placed directly into the character’s Blood Pool.

Chapter Four – Disciplines

P167: The effects of Malleable, and by extension Flesh Craft have a duration of 24 hours. This may be done PRE-GAME. One general downtime action must be used to MAINTAIN this between games. Malleable Visage must be represented with a green ribbon.

P189: Thaumaturgy Path of Conjuring power Permanency is altered as follows: Permanency will allow Conjured items to last until sunrise.

Chapter Five – Merits & Flaws
P249: Code of Honor – Storyteller approval is required to take this Merit.

P249: Efficient Learner – The maximum number of Powers that may be learned over a Downtime by a character with Efficient Learner is 4.

P253: Morality Merits – Paths may be taken only with ST Approval. A detailed background will be required to be submitted for Approval. There is no guarantee of Approval. A Character on a Path is required to wear a black ribbon.

P260: Cannot Cross Running Water – Disallowed

P260: Blood Rot – A character with this Flaw must wear a red ribbon.

P260: Bound to the Earth – must use a downtime action to specify resting with their important dirt . Having at least 1 dot in the Haven Background will allow the Kindred to bypass this, as they can ensure the dirt remains undisturbed between games.

P261: Dark Secret – Storyteller approval is required to take this Flaw. The Dark Secret must be very detailed and feasible. There is no guarantee of Approval.

P262: Deep Sleeper – Characters with Deep Sleeper are at -4 for, the first hour, to all bids. (note that for overbidding and Awareness that bid is different than challenge)

P262: Eerie Presence – A character with this Flaw must wear a red ribbon and must be described on the neck lanyard.

P263: Haunted –Storyteller approval is required to take this Flaw. A detailed explanation of why the character is haunted is required. There is no guarantee of Approval.

P261: Necrophile – Disallowed

P264: Nightmares – All beast trait checks are at -2

P265: Pied Piper – A character with this Flaw must wear a red ribbon.

P265: Poseidon’s Call –Functions as written. If there is a storm or inclement weather, you must see the Story Tellers to determine how fluctuated your emotions are.

P266: Derangements are serious mental instabilities in a character, and not to be taken lightly. Thus all Derangements require Storyteller Approval. Derangements must fit the Trigger/Reaction template. Expect silly and/or frivolous Derangements to be rejected.

Chapter Six – Core Systems
P287: Torpor: Change 3 generations lower to 2.

P288: Willpower: Willpower will be represented as green cards available at the narrator desk.

P288: Disregard all references to players refreshing Willpower. Only ST, AST or Narrator running a scene may refresh Willpower. The refresh must be reported at the end of scene to the binder at the desk.

Chapter Seven – Dramatic Systems
P293: Blood: Blood will be represented as red cards available at the narrator desk.

P295: Under “Feeding from Lesser Blood” stored Human Blood is considered to be Lesser Blood and subject to the 2:1 ratio.

P300 Gaining Beast Traits: Beast traits will be represented as yellow cards, available at the narrator desk, that should be visible to other players.

P318: In addition to the Hand Gestures and Symbols, AIT makes use of colored ribbons to represent various statuses, as follows:
Green: Appearance change or change to appearance using Fleshcraft.
Yellow: Hiding power
Purple: Majesty
White: Psychic Projection that is not manifested.
Red: Something unusual (this ribbon will also be used to represent the BNS hand signs for “I look like an animal” and “I look obviously Monstrous”.) Players are encouraged to ask “ What is red about you? ”
Red + White: Manifested Psychic Projector
Black: A player on a Path of Enlightenment.
Orange: A player who is Out of play. May also be a Narrator in “ Narrator mode” Or AST in “ AST mode but not playing a NPC.
Blue: Storyteller not playing an NPC.
Pink: NPC in play

Chapter Eight – Storytelling
P348: Base experience points shall be awarded as follows:
EXP Min. Max.
0-100 18 20
101-200 7 10
201-300 4 7
301-400 3 6
400+ 2 5
Storyteller Max for XP bracket +2

Experience for roleplaying, costuming, setup, cleanup, comestibles, etc shall be added onto the base for that month.
In the event of character death or retirement, the player shall be refunded an amount of experience determined by the formula: (Spent Earned XP * .75) + (Unspent Earned XP).

Chapter Nine – The Camarilla
Note that AIT’s history diverges from BNS canon in the 1990’s. Disregard any BNS history past 1990.

P400: Disregard all reference to Generation with regards to Status. The World of AIT Social Status is determined by the Harpies, not by one’s Generation. This allows greater social mobility given our chronicle length.

Chapter Thirteen – Influences & Equipment
Purchasing items takes a base of 30 min per item being purchased. The player must remain in the out of play areas for that time. There are 2 modifiers to this action.

#1: If the purchaser has a flesh-and-blood Retainer of any level, then the Retainer may be used to deliver the item 30 minutes later, thus the purchaser does not have to spend any time out of play.

#2: If the purchaser has an appropriate contact for the item to be purchased, the wait time is halved to 15 minutes out of play. This will however, count as one use of the Contacts background for the night.

#3 Masterwork Quality items may not be purchased at game. Note in your downtime if you are purchasing a masterwork item.

Both modifiers may be combined so that with an appropriate Contact, the Retainer will deliver it 15 minutes later.

No magical items convert from AIT 3.11.2a . They crumble into dust and are unusable. Additionally, all magical effects end- The only exception to this are those that dropped generation, or fully changed a characters clan and/or bloodline.

Revision History
V 2.0: General edits and clarifications: Status, Removal of house clan flaws, No 6th Gen at creation, Changed Assimite costs, Removed Sewer skill or lore dot, Retainer changes, Morality Merits, Deeper Sleeper, Eerie Presence, Nightmares, Poseidon’s Call, Torpor, Willpower Restore, Willpower/blood/ beast trait cards, Black ribbon, pink ribbons, Narrator/ AST/ST Defined, XP totals, Remove machiavellian Prodigy/ Master of Puppets / Accused of Heresy, Masterwork items, AIT 3.11.2a items, Removal of Item costs to faq, Remove BU Reference
V 1.01: Addition of link to and clarification of use of Official BNS errata, added section on B/W/C cards, added section regarding Lore Skill, cleared up wording on Tzimisce Clan Weakness and Bound to the Earth Flaw, general grammar edits, font change.
V 1.0: Original document