F.A.Q. – Storytellers, ASTs, and Narrators

  • Storytellers, ASTs, and Narrators
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  • 1. Narrator and AST, and ST Defined:

    Narrator: A player who donates some of their game time back to the game by working the desk to sign in players and writing a rumor plot that they may run if players decide to investigate it.

    1)      Working the desk, i.e. checking in players.

    2)      Running small “ Single Shot” , ST approved, rumors/plots.

    3)      Gains “Narrator XP” only by working the desk for a minimum of one shift AND submitting a ‘rumor’ each DT for the ST to approve and supply to the player base. The rumor does not need to be investigated for XP to be awarded.

    4)      A narrator must pass the ‘ Narrator Test’ to be eligible for the program.

    5)      All Narrators should submit 5 questions for the new Narrator tests once a year.

    6)      All Narrators must be retested  each Spring to keep them up to date and show an willingness to continue the program.  (April game if possible)

    7)      Tracking when out of play players may return to game. Such as in the case of expending resources and traveling between locations.

    ** Wears an ORANGE Ribbon when in Narrator Mode to show that they are not In Play as themselves.


    Assistant Storyteller(AST): A player who donated some of the game time AND between game time back to the game by writing a rumor and/or working with an ST on a main plot point.

    1)      Running larger scale, ST approved and advised, rumors/plots  that may require investigation by players and lead to more than a single run.

    2)      Gains  ‘AST XP’ only by working the desk for a minimum of one shift AND working with a designated ST over the month on a key plot point that the AST will run for the game.

    3)      The AST program is a learning program where players can learn what it means to Story Tell (ST) and can work with an ST on a mentor base or as a key assistant to that ST’s larger plot line.

    4)      AST walk a fine line of in and out of game roles that would require a high level or trust of that AST to know the different in what is ‘in play’ and ‘out of play’. This position is not for everyone and those involved with the AST program should be considered carefully.

    5)      An AST must have passed the Narrator test and have spent a minimum of one year as a narrator before being brought up into the AST program. They must maintain their yearly Narrator testing even while holding the AST position.

    ** Wears an ORANGE Ribbon when in AST mode to show that they are not In Play as themselves.


    Storyteller: A player who donates their entire game and time between games to the game. They create plot, keep players on tack, and nurture the game in ways to bring in fresh life and an engaging atmosphere.

    1)      Voted in by a majority vote from the current ST staff, but pulled from the AST pool.

    2)      Removed after 2 years of service or after a majority vote from the current ST staff.

    3)      Required to hold the position for a minimum of one year unless a request for removal is submitted.

    4)      Gains “ ST” XP by running plot, doing downtimes responses, attending games, and actively partaking of ST meetings and discussions and Logistical AIT magic.

    5)      Responsible for “ Main” plot and getting it to the players.

    6)      Responsible for  mentoring chosen AST(s) and advising them.

    7)      Stepping down STs are, unless plots require it, forbidden from narrating for 6 months and ASTing for at least a year. This allows the player to return to the game and ‘cool down’ from the heavy workload of STing.

    8)      Maintains the highest level of professional and unbiased rulings and decisions for the game.

    9)      Helps maintains the Rules base, updating as players need and clarifying as required.

    ** Wears a Blue Ribbon when in ST mode.