Ribbons of AIT

AIT utilizes ribbons worn in a sash fashion to visually announce something about the player or story teller.

  • Blue: this person is a story teller in story teller mode (not playing a NPC)
  • Red:  there is something odd/off about this person.  Please ask the player “what is red about them“.
  • White:  this person is astral and can not be seen unless you have the appropriate power.
  • Red & White:  both being worn together:  this person is an astral that has manifested.  Think Casper the friendly ghost.
  • Yellow: This person is using a hiding power.
  • Green:Appearance change or change to appearance using Fleshcraft
  • Purple:  this person has majesty active.  you must treat them with respect.
  • Orange: A player who is Out of play. May also be a Narrator in “Narrator mode” Or AST in “ AST mode
  • Black:  This person is on a path other than the path of humanity.
  • (bright) Pink:  This person is playing an NPC.