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  • 1. How many absentee downtimes may I receive a year?

    Answer: 2, and you must pay the game fee for each.

  • 2. How many extended DT's may I have for the year?

    6 is the max number per year.

  • 3. When are extended DT's due?

    One week after the normal DT submission date.

  • 4. How to I request an extended DT?

    Email the ST team, HERE

  • 5. How do I submit a Downtime?


    Fill out the form. Hit submit....tada, your done!

  • 6. What can I do on an absentee Down time?

    You may feed and patrol, and investigate.

    You may spend and use your backgrounds.

    However, you may not do anything that interacts with other players.  In example, you may not investigate Bob's hunting area if you are not Bob. You may also not teach Bob Potance.

  • 7. Do I need to spend a DT action to learn an in-Clan discipline?

    Per pg 111 of the BNS Rules, YES

    You must spend 1 (DT) Downtime action to learn an in-clan discipline.

  • 8. What kinds of things can I do with my DT actions?

    Pg. 307 of the Rules goes more into details.

    However a general idea is:

    Crafting, Feeding, Investigation, Patrolling, and Beyond your Means