F.A.Q. – Character Creation and Advancement

  • Character Creation & Advancement
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  • 1. Cost to Play?

    Each monthly game you attend is $10. You can pre-pay using PayPal or pay onsite with cash or PayPal. And the first month is absolutely FREEE.

  • 2. Character Submission

    If you are playing a band new character that is not an Elder and is of a Camarilla clan, you can submit them as late as at game. But if all possible please submit at least two(2) weeks ahead of time to make sure the STs have time to review it make sure everything is good.

    If you are playing an Elder, or non-Camarilla clan, or a character with more than 0 XP, you must submit the character to the STs at least two(2) weeks in advance.

    As always the STs would love that you submit the character eariler than later so any issues, concerns, or problems can be addressed in a timely manor.

  • 3. In Play Item Costs


    In order to allow for players to know what they can get for their Resources, the following prices have been determined for combat equipment.

    Cell Phones: $1000

    Armor Qualities

    Ballistic: $2,000

    Chest Plate: $500

    Concealable: $5,000

    Full Body: $3,000

    Hardened: $500

    HazMat: $5000

    Impact Absorption: $500

    Hardened: $1,000


    Ranged Weapon Qualities

    Accurate: $8,000

    Antique: $2,000

    Ammo Capacity I: $250

    Ammo Capacity II: $500

    Armor Piercing: $5,000

    Artisan: $20,000

    Automatic: $1,000

    Brutal: $1,000

    Cold Iron: $12,000

    Concealable: $5,000

    Deadly: $8,000

    Fast: $200

    Incendiary Ammo: $15,000

    Knockback: $1,000

    Long Range: $5,000

    Masterwork: $50,000

    Quick Draw: $100

    Rapid Reload: $100

    Silver Ammunition: $20,000

    Spread: $750

    Staking: $1,000

    Strange Composition: $10,000


    Melee Weapon Qualities

    Accurate:  $10,000

    Antique:  $2,000

    Armor Piercing: $2,500

    Artisan:  $20,000

    Balanced: $1,000

    Brutal: $1,000

    Cold Iron: $12,000

    Concealable: $5,000

    Deadly: $10,000

    Disabling: $2,000

    Fast: $200

    Flaming: $15,000

    Impaling: $1,000

    Trip: $500

    Masterwork: $50,000

    Reach: $2,000

    Quick Draw: $100

    Silver: $20,000

    Staking: $1,000

    Strange Composition: $10,000

  • 4. Is there info about clans?

    the AIT CAM clans:

    the other clans (these might require ST approval before playing one):

  • 5. Are the attribute bonuses provided by the Generation background actually added to the rating, or do they only increase the potential maximum?

    Attribute bonus points from the Generation background only increase the potential maximum for the attribute where they are assigned. You must still spend experience points to purchase attributes up to the new maximum.

  • 6. Am I really limited to only 7 points of merits?

    Yes. The merit system is designed to allow every character to be unique by forcing players to make choices about their characters’ special qualities. The merit limitation allows for wide character diversity and prevents power creep in long-term chronicles.

  • 7. Do I really need to buy a merit to learn Thaumaturgy/Necromancy?

    Yes. This requirement is an important aspect of the game’s design. Blood magic is potentially unbalancing, and the merit cost forces players to make hard choices about their characters, rather than simply collect powers.

  • 8. When a merit offers “…an additional Thaumaturgy/Necromancy path of your choice,” does that simply mean a character can learn the path? Does the character still need a teacher? Do you purchase the path at in-clan or out-of-clan costs?

    Yes, the character can learn the path without a teacher. The costs are listed in the merit’s description. For example, Necromantic Expertise and Thaumaturgic Expertise allow a character to learn an additional path of blood magic at in-clan costs.

  • 9. I am playing a Samedi. Can I purchase the Necromantic Expertise merit?

    Yes. A character of a bloodline has the ability to purchase any merit from the parent clan, unless expressly forbidden.

  • 10. I'm a new player, what should/can I build as my first chara?

    AIT welcomes new players to explore their imaginations, but due to the nature of this kind of game we ask that players who are new to AIT stay within the guide below.

    This guide allows players to enter the game and learn without having to deal with more overhead than needed for a new player. Its mean't to help you get a foot into the door without having to learn a million extra things all at once.

    New players may only build from the Clans below and may not have more than 2 dots in their generation background.

    1. Ghoul
    2. Brujah
    3. Gangrel
    4. Malkavian
    5. Toreador
    6. Ventrue
  • 11. Do I need to spend a DT action to learn an in-Clan discipline?

    Per pg 111 of the BNS Rules, YES

    You must spend 1 (DT) Downtime action to learn an in-clan discipline.

  • 12. What Clans and bloodlines can I play at AIT?

    This list will change as the game dynamic changes so you should always check it before making a new character. A player seeking to make a limited character must email the ST team before submitting a character sheet for approval.

    New players should follow the list of opens clans found on the Character creation pg.

    Accepting: (No ST Approval needed for clan)

    1. Assamites
    2. Brujah
    3. Gangrel
    4. Malkavian
    5. Nosferatu
    6. Toreador
    7. Tremere
    8. Ventrue


    Limited: (ST Approval Required for clan)

    1. Vizier ( Assamite)
    2. Sorcerer ( Assamite)
    3. True Brujah
    4. Coyote (Gangrel)
    5. Knights of Moon ( Malkavian)
    6. Ishtarri (Toreador)
    7. Ventrue (Crusader)
    8. Caitiff
    9. Daughters of Cacophony
    10. Gargoyles


    Closed: ( Not accepting new Characters of this type)

    1. Followers of Set
    2. Tlacique ( Followers of Set)
    3. Vipers ( Follower of Set)
    4. Noiad (Gangrel)
    5. Ahrimanes (Gangrel)
    6. Giovanni
    7. Premascine (Giovanni)
    8. Lasombra
    9. Kiasyd ( Lasombra)
    10. Ananke (Malkavian)
    11. Volgirre ( Toreador)
    12. Telyav ( Tremere)
    13. Tzimisce
    14. Carpathians (Tzimisce)
    15. Koldun (Tzimisce)
    16. Baali
    17. Angellis Ater ( Baali)
    18. Cappadocians
    19. Samedi (Cappadocians)
    20. Lamia ( Cappadocians)
    21. Ravnos
    22. Brahman ( Ravnos)
    23. Salubri
  • 13. Character Naming, Clans, etc

    When naming your character, it should not be able to be confused with your other characters (either retired, killed, or secondary/primary).

    Your Primary and Secondary clans should be separate.  Also when you move on to your next character (when the old one is retired, or killed), you need to pick a different clan.