Character Creation

New players may want to check out the Quick-Start Guide

Fillable Exel Sheet link HERE

We also have stock characters available at game if you are not certain which Clan or type of character you would like to play.  If you do have an idea for a character and need some assistance with character creation, feel free to reach out to the Storyteller Team  ( for assistance. The ST Team is also generally on-site at least an hour before game starts to assist new players with character creation as well.

For all players, we would prefer to have characters and backgrounds submitted for approval at least two weeks before the first game in which that character enters play.

Getting Started:

New players may only build from the Clans, including there bloodlines, below and may not have more than 2 dots in their generation background with the lesser generation flaw.

  1. Ghoul
  2. Brujah
  3. Gangrel
  4. Malkavian
  5. Nosferatu
  6. Tremere
  7. Toreador
  8. Ventrue
  9. Assamite
  10. Caitiff

Also, check out the FAQ section for more details! (Updating Occurring)

The following Clans and Bloodlines are CLOSED and need an approved background to be playable:

  1. Followers of Set
  2. Giovanni
  3. Lasombra
  4. Tzimisce
  5. Baali
  6. Cappadocians
  7. Ravnos
  8. Salubri

Starting character’s start with the 30xp base the book provides per normal.

Below is a youtube play list of useful videos to help you build a new chara! All credit for these videos goes to their creators.