Silence of Death vs Melpominee: Giving a 1-dot discipline the power to shut down a whole rare discipline set is a little much. Can you explain why you made this choice?

Silence of Death prevents you from being targeted by Death of the Drum (at least, not more than once). We did consciously allow Silence of Death to foil Death of the Drum to better balance the game. Death of the Drum is the only Social vs. Social attack in the game, and with it, you can damage someone who has already been hit by two physical attacks in the round. Furthermore, it does more aggravated damage than Horrid Reality. Its downside is that it has an Achilles Heel in Silence of Death.Death of the Drum uses sound waves like a bullet. Plugging your ears will not keep the sound waves from hitting you, but using a discipline that kills sound waves effectively swats the bullet out of the air.This is distinct from Thaumaturgy because Thaumaturgy requires you to say words and make mystical gestures. The fact that I can’t hear your words is no more damaging to your use of Thaumaturgy than if I turn out the lights so that I can’t see the mystic symbols you’re making with your hands.

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