In MET: VTM, page 153, there is a list of several consequences of what happens when people fail a social test to break to break Majesty. This page also lists penalties for when a Majesty user attacks someone, breaking their Majesty. However, there is no information about how long Majesty remains broken for people who succeed in a social test to break it. Can you provide clarification for this? Do people need to test against Majesty for every attack? Does it break for an hour, as it does when the user breaks it? Is it 10 minutes?

Breaking Majesty has the same effect no matter how it is broken. When Majesty is broken, either by an individual who is able to succeed in a social test to break it or by the Majesty user, individuals are rendered immune to the user’s Majesty for the next hour. Whoever breaks Majesty can treat you as she would normally, even attacking you, as she sees fit.

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