Can a wraith pierce a Vampire’s Obfuscate from the Shadowlands? Was your intent to limit a wraith’s ability to affect the physical plane exclusively to Dementation? When a vampire uses Obfuscate in the physical world, does it impact wraiths’ ability to view the vampire from the Shadowlands?

The description of wraiths on page 500 says that “With the exception of the first 2 dots of Dementation, which can be targeted and take affect ‘across the Shroud,’ wraiths cannot attack or use powers on individuals in the real world unless the wraith manifests.”Later in the description it says, “Wraiths may purchase specializations in Dementation, Dominate, Chimerstry, Potence, Presence, Obfuscate, Obtenebration, and Thaumaturgy: Movement of the Mind.”A wraith cannot pierce a vampire’s Obfuscate across the Shroud because it cannot use powers (other than Dementation) without manifesting and because Wraiths do not have access to Auspex. If a Wraith observed a vampire as she attempted to use Obfuscate, it could employ mundane investigation to continue to her, since that doesn’t involve the use of a power.In general, we designed Wraiths to have a very limited ability to mess with vampires unless they manifest. This helps us avoid situations in which a simple retainer could easily own most Player Characters.

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