Archons and Justicars

Caias - Ventrue Justicar

The Ventrue Justicar has much less political influence and power than one might suppose, as Caias was an eventual compromise to stop bitter infighting. He IS a Justicar though and has as much power as he needs over the affairs of Kindred below him.

Caias' Archons:

  • Alexander Baskin - Ventrue - Based in Washington D.C., major influence in national politics.
  • Emory Danielson - Ventrue - Based in London, rumored to control Interpol.
  • Pallidus - Ventrue - Emissary of Caias and diplomat to Princes
  • Garm - Gangrel - Enforcer of the Ventrue Justicar
  • Vittoria Hapsburg - Ventrue - Based in Berlin, responsible for German re-unification


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