Archons and Justicars

Ulugh Beg - Tremere Justicar

This Justicar, very active throughout Europe, is now serving his second term. His loyalty to the Camarilla and its advancement is unquestioned.

Ulugh Beg's Archons:

  • Joseph Rech - Tremere - Ulugh Beg's arm of enforcement and envoy to Princes
  • Mortigan - Tremere - Based in Washington D.C., formerly Regent of the Atlanta chantry
  • Tarek Abdulnour - Tremere - Ulugh Beg's chief investigator of Occult disturbances
  • Magnus Akselvoll - Tremere - Based in Boston and involved in war against New York Sabbat
  • Marco- Nosferatu- Formerly an Archon under the now defunct Nosferatu Justicar Petrodon, now serves Ulugh Beg the Tremere Justicar. Oversees the Atlanta environs, emissary to Chattanooga.


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