Your character's basic personality is summed up by his Nature. Each Nature broadly defines the type of person that your character is and his or her general outlook on life and morality. Below are a list of sample Natures.


You believe in creating something of lasting value. You seek to leave a legacy of some kind for those who will come after you. You are the type of person who will seek to build a town, create a company or found an institution.


You are a bully, a ruffian and a tough. You delight in tormenting the weak. You always demand to have things your way and do not tolerate those who cross you. Power and might are all you respect. You heed only those who can prove their power to you.
You see nothing wrong with forcing your will upon others. There is nothing you like better than to persecute, contempt. The emotions of kindness and pity are not completely foreign to you, but you do not show them often. While most Bravos despise the weak, others become their protectors.


You always try to help those who are around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend upon your stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. People come to you when they have problems.


You are still immature in personality and temperament. You are a kid who never grew up. Though you can care for yourself, you prefer the security of being cared for by others. You often seek out someone to look out for you as a caretaker of sorts. Some see you as a spoiled brat, while others see you as an innocent cherub unspoiled by the evils of the world. This is a very common archetype for Kindred who were created when they were young. Such Kindred often mature mentally, but not emotionally.


You are a follower. Taking charge is simply not your style. It is easy for you to adapt, attune, adjust, comply and reconcile yourself to a new situation in which you find yourself. You are attracted to the brightest star, the person whom you feel is best and will go the farethest. It is both difficult and distasteful for you to go against the flow. You hate inconsistacy and instability, and know that by supporting a strong leader, you help prevent chaos from occuring. Any stable group needs some kind of conformist.


What is the sense of working hard when you can get something for nothing? Why work when, just by talking, you can get what you want? You are always trying to find the easy way out. You're on the fast track to success and wealth. Some people might call what you do swindling or even outright theft, but you know that you only do what every one else does. You're just up front about it. Additionally, the swindling and plotting is a game, and you get freat pleasure from outwitting someone. Connivers play many roles. You may be a thief, a swindler, a street waif, an entreprenuer, a con man or just a finagler.


You are an irascible, churlish person at heart, taking everything seriously and finding little humor in life (though you may have a wickedly barbed wit). Cynicism is your middle name; it is the tool with which you judge everything in life. You have a very well-defined understanding of how things really work, especially when they involve the circus of human endeavor. Long ago the foolish actions of other ceased to surprise you.


There are always people who simply do not fit in. You are a miscreant. Your beliefs, motivations and sense of propriety are the complete antithesis of the status quo. You are not so much an aimless rebel as an independent thinker who does not belong to vampiric society. You don't give a damn about other people's morality, but you do adhere to your own strange code of conduct. Deviants are typically irreverant, and some can have truly bizarre tastes and desires. You also dearly love to shock other people by striking out at their pointless codes and ethics.


You despise chaos and disorder and tend to take control and organize things. You like to be in charge, live to organize and habitually strive to make things work smoothly. You trust your own judgement implicitly and tend to think of things in black-and-white terms.


You are consumed by a cause. It is the primary force in your life, for good or ill. You are driven to accomplish the directives of your self-appointed mission. Every ounce of you may feel very guilty about spending time on anything else. You let nothing stand in your way-- nothing that you cannot overcome, in any case is everything. Before the game begins, make sure you define your cause and understand how it may affect your behaviour.


You are as flamboyant as you are amoral. Some see you as a rogue, a Don Juan, a rake, a paramour or just a lounge lizard. You see yourself as all these things. You're a consumate actor who loves to make as big a show of things as possible. Nothing attracts your attention more than an appreciative audience. You love people, and you love to impress them even more. Though you may indeed be a superior lover, you enjoy the chase almost as much as the kill. Gallants vary widely in temperament and ambition, holding little more in common than their love of attention.


There is no point to life, no meaning or direction. The best plan is to have as good a time as possible. Rome may burn, but you shall drink wine and sing songs. You are a bon vivant, a sensualist, a sybarite and a party animal. The words austerits, self-denile, self-discipline and ascerticism have no place in your life. You prefer instant gratification. You don't mind a little hard work, as long as a good time awaits when the work is done. Most Hedonists have little self-control, for they so dearly love going to excess.


You tend to attack settled beliefs and institutions. A poorly built house is easy to topple. Likewise, a belief without proper footing is easy to betray, and a weak leader is no leader at all. So it is your sacred duty in life to tear at things, to break them if possible. Knock the house down. Disprove the beliefs. Overthrow the leader. If people did things correctly in the first place, the house would stand, the belief would flourish, and the leader would rule wisely. Never miss the opportunity to show the weakness in another's endeavors.


You are the fool, idiot, quipster, clown or comic, forever making fun of both yourself and others. You can constantly seek the humor in any situation, and always strive to battle the tides of depression inside yourself. You hate sorrow and pain and constantly try to take other's minds off the dark side of life. Sometimes you will do nearly anything to forget that pain exists. Your particular brand of humor might not always impress your friends, but it makes you feel better. Some Jesters manage to escape pain and find true happiness, but most never find release. Most just stave off the pain a little longer.


As a facilitator, moderator, arbitrator, conciliator and peacemaker, you always seek to make things better. You pride yourself on your rationality, judgement and ability to deduce a reasonable explanation when given the facts. You constantly struggle to promote truth, but you understand how difficult it is to ascertain. You respect justice, for justice is the means by which truth can reign. You hate dissension and arguments and shy away from dogmatism. Judges often make good leaders, though a lack of vision can sometimes cause them to adhere to the status quo instead of searching for better options.


You are always alone, even in a crowd. You are the wanderer, hunter and lone wolf. Others might think of you as lonely, forsaken, isolated or remote. In truth, you prefer your own company to that of others for many different reasons. Perhaps you do not understand people, people dislike you, people like you too much, or you are simply lost in your own thoughts. Your reasons are your own. You prefer to walk alone, and you could care less about what others think or say about you.


Many people possess the martyr instinct, but only a few act upon it. Even fewer peole live the life of a martyr. You, however, are one of those few. Your desire for self-sacrifice may stem from a poor self-image, a lack of control or a profoundly developed sense of love. You are able to endure long-lasting and severe suffering because of your beliefs and ideals.
At the worst of times, a Martyr excepts sympathy and attention because of his or her suffering, and may even feign or exaggerate pain or deprivation. In the best of times, a Martyr chooses to suffer injury or even Final Death rather than renounce religion, beliefs, priciples, causes or friends.


You are a malcontent, an iconoclastic and free-thinking creature. You are independent, free-willed and unwilling to join any particular cause or movement. You desire only the freedom to be yourself. You do not make a good follower and are not usually a very good leader. You tend to be deliberately insubordinate to authority, even to the point of stupidity.


You are all that matters. Every man must fend for himself, and if your actions get in others' way, well, too bad! If they were stronger, perhaps they could enjoy their lives as well as you do. Not that you're a bully, mind you, just self-centered and aggressively selfish. You need not be a dominator; you'll just be damned if you're the dominated. Rogues pride themselves on self-sufficiency. You may be a thief, an errant knight, a vagabond, or a prostitute. In any case, others look down upon you for refusing to live by their rules. In the end, however, you keep your own best interests at heart. Never let another lead you.


No matter what, you always manage to survive. You can endure, pull through, recover from, outlast or outlive nearly any circumstance. When the going gets tough, you get going. You never say die and never give up. Nothing angers you as much as a person who does not struggle to make things better or who surrenders to the nameless forces of the univers. You utterly despise quitters.


You are an orthodox, conservative and extremely traditional individual. What was good enough for you when you were young is good enough for you now. You almost never change. You oppose change for the sake of change. You may be seen be some as a miser, a reactionary or simply as an old fogy. You strive to always preserve the status quo.


No one can do anything right except you. Whenever you leave something in someone else's care, that person fouls it up. Therefore, you must watch over those you care for, and take matters into your own hands whenever possible. People may not like you for it, but at least things will be done right, this time.


There are few who look beyond the suffocating embrace of society and mundane thought to see something more. There are very few who are brave, strong or imaginative enough. Society treats such people with both respect and contempt, but it is the Visionary who perverts as well as guides society into the future.
You may be a spiritualist, shaman, New Ager, mystic, philosopher or inventor. Whatever you are, you are always looking for something more. You see beyond the bounds of conventional imagination and create new possibilities. Though you might have your head in the clouds and be of an impractical bent, you are filled with new ideas and perceptions.


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