Archons and Justicars

The Camarilla uses a unique system of government, a system suiting their status as everlasting beings. This government has at it's heart the Inner Council of the Camarilla. This body of ancient and powerful Kindred meets once every seven years to debate and decide important matters regarding the general populous. The last gathering of the Inner Council to elect Justicars was in 1986.

In the times between these meetings the Justicars are the rule and law of the Camarilla. Selected from the greater council by vote, these seven Kindred are among the most powerful in the Camarilla, not only personally, but politically as well. They are responsible for mediating disputes between Princes and it is only a Justicar who may ratify a world wide blood hunt on a Kindred. Second to the Justicars are the Archons; each Justicar selects a number of Kindred to be his assistants and bodyguards. These Kindred are also in the upper tier of power in the Camarilla, and many of them also sit on the Inner Council.

The word of a Justicar is law. Decisions of Archons are often backed by the force of the Justicar served. Most Archons are willingly blood bound to the Justicar they serve and a number of Archons are actually the childer of their Justicar.

Archons have been known to enter the domains of acting Princes and depose them on the orders of a Justicar; they have also been known to destroy Kindred with little justification and even less concern. Although a power in and of themselves, some Archons have gone so far in their duties as to risk their unlives severely. Grim, one of Justicar Petrodon's Archons, had a blood hunt called upon him in the city of Johannesburg, by the suddenly weakened prince. The blood hunt failed in achieving a Justicar's ratification, although it remains locally. Other Archons noted for dangerous duties include Halloween Jack, recently reported killed by the Sabbat, and Gustav Rochenko, last seen in 1996; Rochenko was scouting the former Soviet Union for Justicar Don Cruez.

Here is a list of the current Justicars.


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