Influences describe what kind of contacts your character has in the mortal world. The number of these influences determine how much sway you have in that particular field. You are able to derive money, equipment, information and favors from these contacts.

For a detailed discussion of influences and how they work, please check out the brief influence tutorial by Mark Zohn.

There are 15 types of Influence in AIT, they are listed below.

  • Bureaucracy - Bureaucracy represents your contacts within government agencies such as the EPA or IRS.
  • Church - With Church, you know people involved with large religious and spiritual institutions such as the Catholic Church
  • Finance - You can use Finance to influence banks, investment firms, and other groups that handle large amounts of money.
  • Health - A Kindred with Health has managed to make some friends in the medical industry, giving him access to hospitals and blood banks.
  • High Society - High Society represents influence within the upper crust of the "social elite". You probably rub elbows with movie stars, wealthy dilettantes, and people who throw great parties.
  • Industry - You have connections in the industrial sector of society, who will sometimes give you raw materials or construction equipment.
  • Legal - Lawyers, judges, legal clerks, and even law students are covered by this influence.
  • Media - A useful influence in the "Information Age", Media grants you some sway over what events make it into the public eye, and how they are portrayed.
  • Occult - Occult represents spiritual contacts of a slightly less large and institutionalized nature than Church. You interact with psychics, paranormal investigators, and even voodoo witch doctors.
  • Police - With Police, you have some friends "down town" that you can call to redirect unwanted attention.
  • Politics - You know people at various levels of the political process, from local office holders to PACS and special interests groups.
  • Street - Using Street, you can call on a wide variety of unsavory characters, small-time crooks, hobos, and gang members when you need a favor.
  • Transportation - Important for Kindred, who have a difficult time traversing the countryside, the Transportation influence represents sway in organizations such as MARTA, Amtrack, or Delta.
  • Underworld - With underworld, you can contact organized crime bosses, drug cartels, arms dealers, and other dangerous people.
  • University - University represents contacts in the academia, from proffessors and philosophy students to librarians and deans.


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