Ever since the Convention of Thorns, the Sects of the Camarilla and Sabbat have shed each other's blood in a nightly fought war of violent attrition, at the beck and call of the silent masters of the Jyhad. Their conflict has forced the fate of nations and pushed human civilization to the brink of destruction on more than one occaision.

Despite this century long warring, there are certain Clans that chose to take no part in the factioning, fighting and bloodshed. These Independent Clans are content to sit on the sidelines and carry on their own private agendas, whatever they may be.

Although vampires of the Independent Clans are free from Sect alleigance and loyalty, they are not necessarily any more devoted to their Clan politics than a Camarilla or Sabbat vampire. Frequently the motives of an Independent Clan vampire are none other than his own.

The Independent Clans have very little in common, save their disdain for the sects and their bloody Jyhad. Each Clan puruse its own interests and each makes its own policies and laws.

The Independent Viewpoint

The Camarilla

"Their overwhelming ideal of 'for the good of Kindred' leads them to sweep you along with their plans, and if you don't want to go, then you must be the enemy. There's a reason why we prefer to stay on our own side of the street."

--Ambrogino Giovanni

The Sabbat

"They're insidious, those Sabbat. At least with the Camarilla, you know they're going to stab you in the back. Those maniacs in the Sabbat sell you insurance while they're setting your haven on fire and hanging your sister upside down in the basement. Don't give an inch, though, because if they respect you, they're more likely to burn down someone else's house."

--Zander, Ravnos black marketeer


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