The World of Darkness


Since the first city Kindred have sought to maintain a link to their living cousins, sometimes for companionship and sometimes for servitude. In any case, a Ghoul is a human that has drunk of Kindred blood without first being drained to the point of death of her own blood. The result is an enervation and vitalization of the human. She experiences a new vigor and can even acquire Kindred powers to a degree but with none of the Kindred's traditional weaknesses (such as sunlight and the Beast). Furthermore, the Ghoul will no longer age as long as she consumes Kindred blood. The trade off s are great, however. She will quickly become addicted to her master's blood. She will never be able to master the powers of the Kindred to the degree of a true vampire. And finally and perhaps most frightening to the Ghoul, once they have lived as a Ghoul beyond their mortal life spans they will perish without continued feeding.

Ghouls are a fairly common breed in Atlanta Interactive Theatre. Many are the minions of Kindred characters but several strike out on their own or become Kindred themselves in time. Ghouls are an excellent option for Players that are new to the Chronicle and game system.


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