Archons and Justicars

Morrigan - Gangrel Justicar

One of the first female Kindred to be selected as a Justicar, Morrigan is currently serving her fourth term of service, although she has never served two consecutively. She is noted for her extreme competence and uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, as well as for being continually absent at other times.

Morrigan's Archons:

  • Ruedigger Vaatz - Gangrel - Operating in and around South Africa
  • Rhiannon Khernuel - Gangrel - Operating worldwide as Morrigan's eyes and ears
  • Jonathan Alder - Gangrel - Operating in and around Texas, battling the Sabbat in Mexico
  • Roger Ironcrow - Toreador - Morrigan's voice to the other Justicars


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