All vampires possess Disciplines, the supernatural powers granted by the Embrace and innate to the very nature of being Kindred. With Disciplines, a vampire can gain supernatural strength, speed and stamina or the ability to perform truly outlandish feats such as hurl gouts of magical flame, shapeshift into animals or control the minds of others. Below is a list of each of the Discipline paths available in AIT with a very short description of the basic powers in each path.


This discipline allows you to control the raging Beast within you, as well as affect the inner Beast of others. By using Animalism, you are able to both enhance and suppress the Beast.

1A - Beast Within

Beast Within allows you to use your powers to draw out the Beast that exists within each Kindred. By slowly eroding someone's control in this fashion, you may cause your target to frenzy.

1B - Beckoning

This power allows you to call out to animals and they will respond, coming to you when you summon them.


This discipline defines your ability to perceive the world around you. As this path advances, your ability to perceive things also increases, the more advanced you become, the better able you are to extend your net of senses from your own mind to the world around you.

1A - Heightened Senses

This power allows you to vastly enhance one of your senses, allowing you to see things that are hidden, hear the faintest sounds and feel the most minute changes with a touch.

1B - Aura Perception

This Discipline allows you to see the subtle aura that surrounds all things. This allows you to detect things such as changes to a person's appearance, as well as mood and other characteristics.


Celerity represents a vampire's ability to move with blinding speed.

1A - Reflex

Reflex allows you to respond much more quickly to your surroundings, lessening the effects of surprise.

1B - Rampage

Due to your increased speed, you are able to put much more force behind your blows in combat, inflicting additional damage to your enemies.


Malkavians tap into their own madness to inflict insanity on others using Dementation.

1A - Catatonia

This ability allows you to temporarily force your victim into a catatonic shock, as long as nobody interacts with them.

1B - Clarity of Thought

Once you understand the workings of madness, you are much less susceptible to it. With Clarity of Thought, you are immune to certain types of confusion.


Dominate is the discipline that allows you to control the minds of others.

1A - Command

With Command you may force your victim to follow one simple order to its completion.

1B - Forgetful Mind

Forgetful Mind allows you to alter, add or delete memories from the mind of your victim.


Some vampires are supernaturaly tough and resistant, able to withstand and heal inhuman amounts of damage. This is the power of Fortitude.

1A - Mettle

Mettle increases the amount of damage you are capable of withstanding before you are seriously hurt.

1B - Endurance

With Endurance, you can ignore the affects of your wounds until they completely overtake you.


Necromancy represents the dark arts of speaking with and influencing the dead, practiced primarily by the Giovanni.

1A - Channel the Lost

By use of Channel the Lost, you may call forth the spirit of the deceased and compell it to answer your questions.

1B - Echoes of Death

Death is, to say the least, a traumatic experience. With this power, you may force your victim to suffer some part of that trauma.


Obfuscate is the ability to hide or obscure your presence in the minds of others.

1A - Unseen Presence

The simplest form of Obfuscate simply allows you to render yourself effectively invisible to observers.

1B - Mask of 1000 Faces

A more subtle power, Mask of 1000 Faces lets you disguise yourself, appearing as a random bystander or a specific person.


Some Lasombra have achieved an unholy mastery of the shadows with Obtenebration, granting them powers over darkness.

1A - Cloak of Shadows

With Cloak of Shadows, you can hide yourself from view, literally wrapping the darkness around you.

1B - Tentacle of Shadows

Tentacle of Shadows allows you to form a prehensile tentacle out of any deep shadow, which you may then use to attack or grapple opponents.


Potence is sheer, raw, supernatural strength.

1A - Strength

With this power, you are as strong as the strongest human.

1B - Prowess

Prowess grants truly inhuman strength and increases the power of your blows in combat.


Vampires use the power of Presence to influence their targets' emotions; it can be used to repulse, to entice, or to terrify.

1A - Dread Gaze

You can use Dread Gaze to strike fear into an opponent, forcing him to flee before you.

1B - Entrancement

Entrancement engenders feelings of friendship and trust in others. Your target will see you as a comrade, even if he was about to attack you.


The Gangrel's fiercely guarded shape-changing abilities of Protean allow you to alter your form in various ways.

1A - Wolf's Claws

This power causes fiersome claws to spring from your fingertips, allowing you to inflict terrible damage upon your foes.

1B - Earthmeld

Earthmeld lets you melt into the earth, escaping from your enemies or the light of the sun.


The power of the deadly assassin clan, the Assamites, this discipline was developed for the explicit purpose of hunting and killing other vampires.

1A - Weakness

By using Weakness, you may wrack your opponents with terrible pains merely by touching them.

1B - Blood Agony

Blood Agony transmutes your blood into a deadly poison with which to coat your weapons.


The abilities of Serpentis, developed by the Minions of Set, revolve around corruption and the form of the snake.

1A - Tongue of the Serpent

This power grants you a hyper-effective version of a snake's tongue, 18 inches long and forked.

1B - Eyes of the Serpent

The golden, black irised Eyes of the Serpent wield a strangely hypnotic power.

Thaumaturgy, the Path of Blood

The Tremere, who were once a house of mortal mages, have been able to take some of their powers with them to the grave as the blood magic of thaumaturgy.

1A - Taste of Vitae

A thaumaturge with this power can divine information about another Kindred merely by tasting his blood.

1B - Drain Essence

Drain Essence allows you to absorb your victim's blood into your own body merely by touching them.

Thaumaturgy, the Path of Flame

The mage warriors of the Tremere use the Path of Flame to deadly effect, charring the flesh of their opponents with sorcerous fire.

1A - Hand of Flame

The Hand of Flame allows you to encase your hand in a ball of fire, burning those you strike.

1B - Shield of Fire

This power creates a Shield of Fire around you, searing anybody who touches you.

Thaumaturgy, the Path of Mind

The Tremere have also developed the telekenetic powers of mind over matter in the Path of Mind.

1A - Manipulate

Manipulate is a basic telekenetic ability, allowing you to move small objects around at will.

1B - Force Bolt

A more focused telekenetic blast, Force Bolt can inflict damage on your enemies at a range.


The flesh shaping powers of Vicissitude can be used to a wide range of effects, from the horrific, to the beautific, to the perfectly ordinary seeming. The Tzimisce have mastered them all.

1A - Body Weaponry

The basic ability of Vicissitude is the power to form small hand-held or thrown weapons from your own flesh.

1B - Changeling

As a slightly more advanced flesh shaper, you can use the power of Changeling to physically mold your image into whatever form you choose.


When the Tremere created the Gargoyle bloodline, they gifted them with the discipline of Visceratika so that they might better protect the lairs of their masters. Viskeratika boasts an array of abilities suited to defending a specific domain.

1A - Skin of the Chameleon

With Skin of the Chameleon, you combine an enhanced sense of your surroundings with an ability to change your skin color to blend into the background, like a chameleon.

1B - Whispers of the Chamber

This power represents a Gargoyle's preternatural awareness of its environment. With this power, you are very difficult to hide from or surprise.


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