The transition from mortal life to undead, is marked by a traumatic and stressful process. A vampire's life is taken from him and this will have a dramatic affect on his psyche. Some people handle this transition better than others. This process can be seen as remorse or it can be seen as denial, but whatever you call it, all kindred suffer from at least one derangement. Malkavians have at least one major derangement in addition. As kindred age, they are more prone to gaining derangements, so it is common for older kindred to have more and as they procede, the chances of one or more of these derangements being a major derangement increase.


Everyone is out to get you. Well, it feels that way, even if they claim otherwise.

Power Madness

You are obsessed with gaining power. It is all you really want and you will stop at nothing really to get it.


You will always find a way to avenge any slight. Against anyone who does the slightest thing against you. Revenge will be yours.

Bound by Domain

You will not enter a home or domain unless invited. It is inconcevable that you will break the tradition of domain.


You beleive that garlic and crosses and holy water (all the traditional things) will harm you - you fear-frenzy if you cannot avoid them. You will think that anything newer than 50 years is something that you have no place knowing about and such things and videos will be a closed book to you.


Everything you do must be perfect. This really does mean everything, from hunting to washing up. If you do it, do it perfectly.

Undying Remorse

You have terrible remorse over the loss of your mortal life, or for deeds you have committed - you go into fits of depression when reminded of these things.


You have an exaggerated idea of your own abilities. You will not spend willpower points in any situation in which it has not already been demonstrated that you are losing.


You can't bear to see others suffer, and will be racked with guilt if you are to blame for others suffering.


You have terrible nightmares each day while you sleep, and give away an Advantage for the first hour each night.

Low Self-image

You have a very low opinion of yourself, and give away an advantage whenever you dont expect to win.


You live your life by a very strict code of honour. This will apply to all areas of your life, social, political and in business.


You cannot remember anything from before your Embrace. Not your name, where you lived nothing.


You cannot spend multiple willpower to resist mind-affecting powers, and tend to give in under pressure from others.


You cannot adapt to social and technological change, you are stuck with the ways of an earlier time. This earlier time must be at leatst 50 years ago.


You hate anyone better off than you. This takes into account any aspect of life.

Party Animal

You cannot resist the temptation to party: drink, socialise with the appropriate sex, gamble, and generally over-indulge in social life. Its almost impossible to drag you away from a bar or party. You are in effect, addicted to social wildness.

Major Derangements


You alternate between being 'hyper' and very depressed.


You live in a fantasy reality. You interpret everything you experience as part of that reality.


Your life is dominatated TOTALLY by some desire. Every single thing you do is a step towards that end.


Under stress, you regress back to childhood. In an attempt to take some kind of comfort from there.

On The Edge

You don't care if you live or die. You are never afraid unless your beast takes over, even if you should be.


You generally believe anything you are told. Even when it is to your detrement.


Everything is confusing to you, complex situations can leave you confused into helplessness.

Continuing Amnesia

You cannot remember your life before your Embrace, and often forget events more than a few days in the past. Its sometimes hard to remember more than your name and where your haven is.


You withdraw into yourself under the slightest stress, and can't stand crowds of people. You find it hard to talk to strangers at all.


You are completely unemotional when not in the sway of the Beast. You dont care about anything, or anyone. People will find you very unnerving. You gain an Advantage on resisting Presence, but will be effected twice as severely if you fail to resist since you are unused to emotion of any kind.

Split Personality

You have two or more separate personalities.


You gain pleasure from some act or set of circumstances others would regard as perverted or depraved.


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