Archons and Justicars

Don Cruez - Brujah Justicar

In his fourth term as a Justicar he has shown his primary interest to lie with the destruction of the Sabbat and the rooting out of all of it's infiltrators he can find.

Don Cruez's Archons:

  • Sebastian Young - Brujah - former Prince of Atlanta. After spending a few months in the Atlanta area last year, Archon Young is once more warring against the Mexican Sabbat.
  • Brand - Brujah - Don Cruez's enforcer and Convincer.
  • Tanit - Brujah - Based in Boston, involved in war against New York Sabbat.
  • Rachel O'Connor - Malkavian - Based in Dublin, working with the Irish problem.
  • Gustav Rochenko - Nosferatu - Last reported working in the former Soviet Union.
  • Ramirez - Toreador - Emissary to Princes, known as the great peacemaker. Currently overseeing the conflict around New York City.


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