"What is the value of life if it is not worth living?"

"My Sire once turned to me and told me that I must learn to behave and learn to show the proper respect to my Elder. I looked at the old man, and saw in his eyes a passitivy and lack of spark that so scared me, I feared living so long as to ever be so placid. His only advanage was the advantage of age, but his life had been squandered being civil and he had lost the spark of life. And I wondered, why I should show some old fogie any respect at all."

"The very young do not always do as they are told."

-- Anteaus, The Nox

The Anarch Viewpoint

The Camarilla stifles the young in hopes of maintaining a perfect balance and a lasting peace. Elders rule and Childer follow; but once a Child advances into the ranks of society he begins a fight for position and status which wears him down and eventually makes him but a cog in the larger machine of Kindred Society. At some point, a would be Neonate or Ancilla realizes his fate and decides whether to become a smaller part of the larger whole or to strike out and enjoy the life and immortality he has been given.

Anarchs are not evil, but rather they are those that find the rulership of their Elders repressive and stifling. One vote cast for freedom is never a wrong vote; but Elders do not see life in such simple terms. Every Anarch voice is another voice calling for the end of the system and society which grants an Elder de facto power over his lessers. Silencing a voice leads to violence, violence leads to war, and the cycle of Elder versus Neonate continues.

The Anarch Free State (most of California) are the ultimate presentation of Anarch freedom. Born in a time when harsh rulers hunted younger freedom lovers in the streets, the opressed rose together and slew their oppressors. A wave flowed over California and a spark of Chaos was lit. Before the embers began to grow cold, they had engulfed a dozen California cities and slain dozens of Elders.

A minor setback in global terms, the Anarchs are a growing problem, and although not as large a concern on the Camarilla's radar as the Sabbat, they are a thorn nevertheless. The Anarch Free State represents a movement that tears at the social structure of the Camarilla deeper than any wound inflicted by a dozen Sabbat raiders.

Although born in the same feelings of hostility, the Anarchs and Sabbat do not get along, and the largest open and violent threat to either Sect is each other. Both based on freedom from their Elders, the Sabbat embrace an inhuman aspect which although viable is not popular among Anarchs. Anarchs see themselves as the ultimate expression of life, and find the inhumane practices of the Sabbat too distasteful for their chaotic ways.

A vote for freedom, not chaos.


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