Each character possesses a certain number of non-supernatural talents and skills, called Abilities. There are 32 types of Abilities in AIT. They are listed below.

  • Acting - Acting combines a knowledge of costuming and makeup with the ability to change your mannerisms and disguise your voice.
  • Arcane Lore - Arcane Lore represents a sort of "book learning" of the supernatural. It won't help you cast spells or use disciplines, but you gain some familiarity with various supernatural creatures and magical relics.
  • Authority - You have the voice and mannerisms of one who is accustomed to being obeyed, possibly because people tend to obey you.
  • Awareness - Awareness is exactly that: an awareness of your environment and what is going on around you.
  • Bureaucracy - Bureaucracy is an indispensable ability when you have to deal with government institutions and regulations, allowing you to cut through the red tape and get things done.
  • Brawl - Whether you're a rough-and-tumble street fighter or a highly trained martial artist, Brawl is the ability to lay the smack down using your bare hands.
  • Casting - Casting is a more targeted magical knowledge which relates specifically to learning and casting rituals.
  • Computer - It's all about the Pentiums, baby. If you want to write software, hack into the Nosferatu mainframe, or design your clan's HR database, you'll need Computer.
  • Drive - Drive lets you outrun the cops, manuever past the Sabbat road-block, and operate a stick-shift.
  • Empathy - You can use empathy to examine a Kindred's actions and behaviour and discern the emotions that are motivating her.
  • Finance - You understand the esoteric flows of money through society, and can bend them to your will (and your bank account).
  • Firearms - The subtle art of not missing what you shoot at.
  • Investigation - Investigation represents your powers of observation and your ability to pick up on subtle clues.
  • Language - All characters can speak English. Language represents any other languages you may be fluent in, such as french, spanish, or swahili.
  • Law - You are familiar with the landmark legal cases of the last few centuries and you can construct a court brief.
  • Leadership - Leadership is that certain charismatic charm possessed by cult leaders and presidents. You can draw others to you and influence their emotions and actions.
  • Medicine - Medicine grants you a familiarity with the human body and it's ailments, as well as a knowledge of common medical procedures.
  • Meditation - You can use the arts of meditation to center yourself and reestablish control of your Beast.
  • Melee - Swords, knives, nunchaku, and big sticks. Melee is all about laying the smack down with the assistance of a sharp, pointy, or blunt object.
  • Occult - Occult represents your facility with the discipline of Thaumaturgy.
  • Performance - This is a catch-all ability for various types of artistic expression. Acting is a special case of performance, and has its own ability.
  • Persuasion - Unlike Authority, which is used to bark orders, Persuasion is the ability to convince or coerce people into doing your bidding.
  • Repair - You can use Repair to, appropriately enough, repair mechanical things which have broken.
  • Science - Science represents a broad academic body of knowledge, including not just physics and chemistry, but also geography, history, and other fields of study.
  • Scrounge - Some people can just find things in a city. People, services, guns, or whatever; you have a knack for knowing where to look.
  • Security - The Security ability is used primarily to break other people's security systems, rather than install your own. You can disarm alarms, detect traps, and pick locks.
  • Sewer Lore - A carefully guarded secret of Clan Nosferatu, Sewer Lore is a famiarity with the labrynthine tunnels beneath the city known as the Sewer.
  • Stealth - Stealth is, quite simply, the ability to move quietly and hide from view.
  • Streetwise - A character with Streetwise knows the protocols and mores of dealing with street people, including hobos, pimps, and small-time criminals.
  • Subterfuge - Subterfuge is a measure of how well you can lie or misdirect attention from something you wish to remain hidden.
  • Survival - Often known by Gangrel, Survival is used to survive in the wilderness or other hostile environments.
  • Throwing - You've got a good throwing arm. This ability will improve your aim with rocks, shuriken, knives, or (with enough potence) compact sedans.


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