What is AIT?

AIT (Atlanta Interactive Theatre) is a Vampire based Live Action RolePlaying game (also known as a LARP).

Roleplaying games typically involve each player taking on the role of a fictional character that they have created (or sometimes a real or dramatized historical character). The player then assumes the personality, decision-making and actions of that character.

The live action element of the LARP experience allows the player to actually participate in the actions of his character rather than simply stating what the character will do and rolling some dice. The basic idea is somewhat like improvising a theatrical play with nothing but knowledge of the background and motivations of your character.

Although you actually take on the role and actions of your character, there are not actually any dangerous elements to the game. All actions that would involve stunts, danger, combat and other such things have their outcomes determined by the use of a simple challenge system, similar to rolling dice.

AIT is set in the World of Darkness created by White Wolf, Inc. Although many of the characters in the game are Vampires, the game is actually a story of personal horror, darkness and salvation. Storylines focus on political intrigue, moral and ethical dilemmas, mystery and the occaisional combat with the forces of darkness.

AIT does deal with mature themes and subject matter and all players must be 18 years of age or must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Alcohol and weapons of all kinds are strictly prohibited from AIT events.

To learn more about Live Action RolePlaying games, please read the very descriptive and informative Live Action Roleplaying FAQ, by Aimee Yermish.


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