The Storytellers Section

Atlanta Interactive Theater is a veteran campaign with complex plots and intricate rules. AIT needs the hard work of its Storytellers and Narrators to maintain the illusion of reality and promote the In Game experience for all players veteran and newbie alike. Without them, the game would quickly fall apart.

The Storytellers are the thin line of judgement that defines the possible from the impossible and they are the force that paints the canvas that is the World of Darkness for the players of AIT. They make and adjudicate the rules, they write the plots, they manage the world and they are the ones whose ultimately take responsibility when a decision needs to be made. Like a good director, the Storytellers are the forces behind the open stage that help create the scene and organize the play. The AIT Storytellers are committed to creating the best game possible and to that end have written a Mission Statement.

The Storytellers are also the people that read Downtime Reports, approve new characters and evaluate and assign Experience Points

Not everything in the World of Darkness is an earth shattering decision, sometimes you just need people to help out with the little things. Narrators are the core of the day-to-day operations of a good Live Action Game. Although not burdened with responsibility, they manage the little things and make the game run smoother so that the Storytellers can spend their time on larger and more important issues. If you have questions about the rules or need help running a scene, a Narrator can help you. Of course, you can always seek the assistance of a Storyteller as well.

Atlanta Interactive Theater is nothing without its 'Wizards behind the Curtain.'

If you wish to contact all of the Storytellers with your comments and questions, you may reach them with the Storyteller Mailing List.


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