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Atlanta Interactive Theatre is a game of storytelling and roleplaying, but it is still a game and therefore requires a set of rules so that players can work out scenes in a fair and reasonable fashion whenever there is a situation which requires some form of arbitration. AIT uses a set of house rules that have been adapted from White Wolf's Laws of the Night. The AIT House Rules have been developed and playtested over the course of AIT's eight year history to expand beyond their original scope for a Chronicle of such long duration.

Atlanta Interactive Theatre encourages new players to purchase a copy of White Wolf's Laws of the Night to serve as a basis for learning and understanding the basic premise and rules of a Vampire Live-Action Roleplaying game. Since the AIT Chronicle is based around a Camarilla city, another excellent resource for new players is White Wolf's Vampire Guide to the Camarilla.

The Storytellers and Narrators

Atlanta Interactive Theater is a veteran campaign with complex plots and intricate rules. AIT needs the hard work of its Storytellers and Narrators to maintain the illusion of reality and promote the In Game experience for all players veteran and neophyte alike. Without their continual contributions the game would quickly fall apart.

Storyteller Announcements

From time to time the Storytellers make public announcements on changes in procedures, rules, the AIT gaming environment or plot and storyline changes. Although these messages are posted on the AIT Mailing Lists, we also reprint them on the website in our Storyteller Announcements page.

Character Creation

Character Creation is the first and most important step to becoming a part of the action, excitement and intrigue that is the Atlanta Interactive Theatre experience. The Character Creation section gives an overview of all the basic steps required for creating a ghoul, human or vampire character in the AIT Chronicle.

Downtime Reports

Downtime Reports are the way in which you can inform the Storytellers about actions that your character (and you as a player) took during the course of the most recent AIT Event. Downtime Reports allow you to inform the Storytellers of roleplaying, character interaction and plot leads that your character was a part of so that they can continue to develop plots, NPCs and storylines that are interesting, challenging and focused on the current group of characters.


Equipment is a valuable commodity in the AIT world. Below is a link to a list of commonly sought equipment and the price (in influences and cash) of the items.

Equipment Prices

Experience Points

Experience Points are the reward that you receive each month for playing AIT and for providing enjoyment, story and entertainment for yourself and the other players of AIT. Experience Points can be collected and spent to develop and improve your characters natural abilities, attributes and disciplines.

PDF Rules

AIT Rules (Version 3.9.3a)


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