Highlights from the Last Event


September 2002

Due next month is the annual October ball, Maxwell Prince of Chattanooga is sponsoring the event, below is the text of the announcement.


"Denizens of Atlanta,

Greetings and salutations from Benvolio, Seneschal of Chattanooga, on behalf of His Majesty Maxwell, Prince of Chattanooga, High Lord of Lookout Mountain, August Master of the Ruby Falls, and Beneficient Patron of the Arts! I bring before you this proclamation that you might prepare yourselves for the grand festivities which will soon be visited upon you, for your own most Imperial Imperator Antonin Artoud has extended his hospitality to Maxwell and his entourage this coming month, so that we might hold our traditional October Ball in your most fair and populous metropolis! This year, as in years past, we have arranged for the amusement of your Imperator and our own Prince a Grand Contest for all of Atlanta's subjects. Unlike past years, however, this year the contest must be entered in teams of four. The Contest shall consist of five individual challenges, which I shall enumerate here.

The Test of Lore

In this most ancient of challenges, the team's wit and knowledge of classical materials will be put to the test.

The Test of Strength

To complete the Test of Strength, the team must select a champion to face their own reflection from the Mirror of Opposition.

The Test of Artifice

A staple of the Halloween Ball, this event is a simple costume contest, which will be judged for Most Amusing, Most Alluring, Most Frightening, and Best in Show.

The Test of Diplomacy

This test shall consist of a game requiring cooperation between the teams, the details of which shall be dispensed as the game is commenced.

The Test of Intelligence

Each team shall be given a complex logic problem at the outset of the festivities. The sooner the correct answer is deduced, the higher
the team shall be judged. Be warned, however, that this is the most
difficult of the tests - it is entirely possible that no team shall divine the correct answer at all.

Prince Maxwell and his entourage shall be on hand to administer the Challenges in person, and prizes shall be selected from among his

personal trove of antiques and artifacts. Several favors have been  pulled in to ensure smooth running and satisfactory rewards for the event, as well.

Prepare yourselves, then, for in three weeks time Maxwell's October Ball shall come to Atlanta!

~ Benvolio

Seneschal of Chattanooga

Elder of Clan Toreador

Duke of the Eastern Neapolitan Marches"