The Museum of the Mystic and the Dread

Just as the Chronicle and storyline of AIT are filled with diverse, fascinating and unusual Kindred, so is the world filled with items and creatures that are not vampiric in nature, but that are mysterious, supernatural and often dangerous. Here is a small catalogue of a few of the wonders and horrors that have haunted the nights of Atlanta.

Archibald - This Creature, with a single green and scaly arm and large orb-like eyes that could look in different directions, appeared briefly in the Auditorium one night only to be ordered back into the sewers by the then Prince, Sergei. The beast, whatever it was, has not been seen since nor is it known what power Sergei Romanov had over the beast.

The Auditorium Ward - A strange ward which renders the Auditorium unnoticeable to non-Kindred (much like the powers of Obfuscate). It is rumored to have been put in place by the resident Archon Marco Vadjik in 1994. Marco removed the ward after being dissatisfied with the local Kindred's reverence for the First Tradition. It has since been reinstated by powerful visiting Tremere. The nature of the ward's power is currently unknown but the subject of a great deal of speculation. Also subject for speculation is what concessions the visiting Tremere Elders demanded in exchange for replacing the ward.

Blade of Wrath, The - An ancient cutlass said to contain the soul of a powerful Brujah that was destroyed in an arcane ritual performed by a cabal of Elder Giovanni in the 1500s, the Blade of Wrath is said to contain a rage so powerful that it can damage and destroy any living creature regardless of form or immunities. The blade is etched with the faces of demons that appear to writhe and scream and a large ruby adorns the pommel. The Blade of Wrath was purchased from Salvatore Giovanni in an auction by Dr Ted Vail, who has not been seen since. Rumors abound that Vail was acting as an agent of Bron Giovanni who is the actual owner of the blade. A sword matching the Blade of Wrath's description was wielded by Dante de la Hoya of the Nosferatu and used to subdue the Lasombra Antitribu, Father Black, in August of 2000. The blade resurfaced again in December of 2000, wielded by an unknown individual named Kung Pao and was instrumental in the subdual of the Tzimisce Antitribu, Luther Simons. Could the weapon be in the hands of Sabbat agents?

Blood Scarab, The - One of the three mystical items sought by the mysterious figure known as Carlos Tet, the Blood Scarab was purported to have the ability to store blood that the owner of the scarab could use as though it were a part of his own body. The Blood Scarab also had the ability to come alive at night to hunt for blood to replenish itself when empty. Just like an actual beetle, the Blood Scarab could burrow through any substance given enough time. Additionally, the owner of the item had his capacity to understand the workings of ritual magicks increased.

Carlos Tet - An enigmatic figure that visited Atlanta in the winter of 1999, Carlos Tet was the subject of a flurry of rumors and investigation during his brief time in the city. Commonly thought of to be an ancient Kindred with strange and unusual powers, it is whispered in some circles that Tet was actually some other form of immortal and supernatural creature, known as a mummy. Although evasive when put to any questions, it is known that Carlos Tet wielded strange and deadly powers that have not been seen in any of the commonly known bloodlines of the Kindred. Some of Tet's arcane abilities included:

  • "Swarm of Flies" - in which the flesh was stripped from the bones of a Kindred by a swarm of buzzing flies, causing aggravated damage.
  • "Feast of Maggots" - where a hideous pile of maggots attacked and feasted on the blood of the victim, draining them dry.
  • "Form of Flies" - which allowed Tet to transform into a swirling mass of flies to escape damage and containment.
  • "Eye Spy" - this power allowed Tet to extend his senses through any flies or beetles within range.
  • "Wither" - an ability which allowed Tet to actually drain the life and vigor from an opponent.
  • "Plague" - an extremely powerful magick that permitted Tet to inflict the entire region with a sickness that weakened all mortal creatures that became infected.
  • "Aura of Death" - a power that Tet could only use in his true aspect that caused all living creatures that got too close to Tet to perish over the course of a few minutes.
Although the final whereabouts of Carlos Tet are unknown, many are aware that Bron Giovanni had several dealings with Carlos Tet and that Prince Fontage frequently beseeched Bron Giovanni to use his influence with the outsider to encourage him to leave the domain. What became of any deals between Bron Giovanni and Carlos Tet is unclear.

Chalice of Alastor, The - This chalice that has been sculpted from solid gold has special powers whenever blood is placed inside it. Anyone drinking from the chalice will find that the vitae consumed is palatable and free of any taint, regardless of any clan or feeding restrictions. Luther Simons was said to be the last owner of this item, but since his death at the hands of his Sire, Lau Z Sun, it is uncertain where the chalice currently resides.

Crimson Jewel of Gluttony - A golden cross with a large ruby in the center of the cross, the Crimson Jewel of Gluttony is rumored to contain the soul of an ancient Malkavian that was destroyed in an arcane ritual performed by a cabal of Elder Giovanni in the 1500s. It is said that by tapping into the insane hunger of the Malkavian spirit trapped within, the owner of Gluttony was to massively increase the amount of blood he could store within his body.

Dr Prozac's Box - Prozac's Box has turned up in various places, at various times. It seems to have a mind of it's own, and it apparently affects the current owner's dreams. Described simply, it is a small black leather box (the kind that holds 8-Track tapes), handle on top, with a simple latch on the front. If found, HANDLE WITH EXTREME CAUTION. The following is an excerpt from Private Investigator Sam Willis' personal journal, last page.

Exodus - Morbid, insane and twisted, this ghostly apparition claimed to be the Astral manifestation of a powerful Lasombra Methuselah that was trapped in a tomb beneath the old Tremere Chantry that was destroyed during the Civil War. Several Kindred in the city attempted to reason and communicate with this deranged spirit, including the Toreador, David Lord Fitzroy and the Gangrel, Thorian Vryce. Exodus' presence has not been felt in some months, his final fate is unknown.

Hand of the Anarch, The - This mummified left hand, when placed against the raw stump of a left arm would graft itself in place, providing strange powers to anyone able to master it.

Living Armor of Khalid - Purchased at an auction held by Salvatore Giovanni, this semi-sentient and semi-parasitic construction of vampiric flesh is rumored to be the product of powerful Tzimisce rituals. The armor is rumored to bond with the flesh of its owner, giving the wearer additional protection from harm in exchange for a portion of the wearer's psychic essence.

"Lugo-Men", The - Featureless and autonomous humanoids, dressed in close fitting black garb that began appearing about the Arts Exchange in 1994. At first they seemed to limit their activities to stalking. Later they escalated to attacks and abductions. An organized effort against them suggested a strong connection to "The Slime Pool."

Mantis Wolf, The - A bizarre monstrosity that seemed to be an mutated Lupine and insectoid preying mantis, this hideous creature attacked several Kindred near the Mound in the spring of 1999 before it was destroyed. Some, however, speculate that the creature was merely driven off and may return again.

Mirror Phantom, The - A strange non-corporal entity has been reported by several of the city's Kindred on occasion. The creature bears a mirror stained with blood. Its intent and origin are not publicly known.

Mound, The - Also known as the Gangrel Mound. While the Mound has been commonly held as the Domain of the Gangrel, this strange earthen structure has passed through many hands and had its fair share of unusual happenings. In the distant past, it was even said to be the internment place for a restless ancient Kindred or nature spirit. It also seems to be a constant and irresistible siren to numerous twisted Garou. Some claim the Mound was originally a Caern, or place of spiritual power of the Garou, it was apparently corrupted into a place of spiritual power for the darker Garou.

Mystic Tarot, The - A collection of highly magickal cards appeared in the hands of seemingly random Kindred through Atlanta over the course of a few months. Many seemed to grant the bearers strange powers ranging from the trivial to the truly staggering. It was rumored and even claimed that they were the key to even greater mysteries should the riddles accompanying each be solved. Prince Augustus Caesar was whispered to own several sets of the Tarot Cards, from which he drew immense powers that were beyond the abilities of other Kindred. It is widely claimed that the cards were malicious and were subsequently destroyed (oddly enough) by the Tremere of Atlanta. Augustus lost power shortly after the destruction of the Mystic Tarot.

Piano of Woe, The - A shadowy instrument appearing with unpredictable frequency but always in the sewers. Occasionally it seems to play of its own accord but investigators have attempted with varying success to discover its true secrets. Some have been unmolested but most are hurled away or attacked by an unseen force. Attempts to destroy the piano have been unsuccessful. Most recently an adventurous Nosferatu by the name of Frank Grogan claimed to have found the Piano of Woe; he disappeared a short time later and has not been seen since. The current location of the piano is unknown.

Rose Colored Glasses - A relic from the modern age, these sunglasses allow any Setite wearing them to overcome their natural aversion to bright light.

Runewall, The - Another horror from the labyrinth beneath the city of Atlanta, the Runewall is on the fifth level of the sewers and is reputed to contain powerful binding magicks that hold at bay an unspeakable terror from the depths of the spirit world. Recently those binding magicks have begun to fail, allowing the creature on the other side to wield its nefarious influence on an unsuspecting city.

Sewer Beast, The - A huge creature of enormous physical power and viciousness prowls the sewers destroying many of those it encounters. Michael Collins, an Ancilla Nosferatu, after a long and vigorous hunt was finally able to track down the creature, whose strength could shatter stones and whose hypnotic gaze would stop even the boldest Kindred in its tracks. Benny Siegal destroyed the fell creature in combat.

Singing Bowl, The - Another relic from the auctions of the Giovanni, this Tibetan Singing Bowl was the subject of much dispute as the Tremere and their rivals struggled for control of the item. Although its powers are a closely guarded secret, the Singing Bowl is on the Tremere Global Acquisition list and therefore has significant value.

Slime Pool, The - An icorous pool in the depths of the sewers, the Slime Pool appeared to be able to control those that drank from it. Many Kindred were compromised to it at one time or another. During the reign of Prince Augustus Caesar, an expedition was led into the sewers to find the pool and the crude temple nearby. Prince Augustus rose from the sewer many hours later with the remnants of the war party, claiming to have destroyed the slime pool and the temple forever.

Staff of Ra, The - The second of three mystical items sought by the mysterious Carlos Tet. The Staff of Ra was the true symbol of a ruler in ancient times and was rumored to improve the leadership abilities of anyone wielding the staff and lowered the effective generation of the owner for purposes of dominate, as well as providing the owner with an increased comprehension of the workings of ritual magicks.

Temple of Sekhmet, The - An often discussed, but seldom seen place, the Temple of Sekhmet was rumored to house all manner of horrors. It's current condition is unknown, indeed, there may not be any Kindred in the city that still recall where it was located.

Torque of Horus, The - The final mystical item sought by the enigmatic Carlos Tet, the Torque of Horus was said to increase the wearer's abilities with ritual magicks, as well as increasing the physical fortitude of anyone that wore the torque. It is whispered by some that Bron Giovanni dealt extensively with Carlos Tet while he was in the city and that Bron Giovanni at one point held possession of all three mystical items. What secrets and powers the Necromancer may have gained from his time with the items is unknown.

Tremere Bane - Unsubstantiated rumors claim that the Tremere are the target of a deviously malicious demon of some sort framing them for wrong doing, attempting to put them in a bad light and generally foiling their activities. The creature is described as being eight feet in height with red scaley skin, covered in spikes. The Tremere also claim that it has allies among Atlanta's denizens. Doubters claim this is Tremere propaganda to externalize recent Tremere failure and lack of subtlety.

Ward Key of Alexandria - This skeleton key was crafted in an arcane ritual whose secrets have been long since lost. Whenever the Ward Key of Alexandria is placed in contact with a ward stone, the bearer of the key is forever more immune to the effects of that ward. A powerful item for a sorcerer or a thief.


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