Atlanta Interactive Theatre was founded in August of 1993 and has been running the same continuous chronicle and storyline ever since. In that time clans, factions, individuals and groups have risen to glory and faded to obscurity. Volumes could be written in an attempt to cover all of the action, plotting, intrigue and scheming of the literally hundreds of characters, heros and villains that have filled the years of exciting games of AIT.


Atlanta Interactive Theatre has a long and rich history. The Chronicle has been one continuous storyline since August of 1993. In that time, heros and villains have risen and fell, empires have been built and crumbled and the lurkers in the darkness have pulled the strings of the Jyhad. For an overview of AIT's long history, check out the Timeline of Events, in which we have attempted to document notable moments from every chapter of the chronicle's storyline.


Since Atlanta is a Camarilla city, it is ruled by a Prince. During the near decade that the Atlanta Interactive Theatre Chronicle has been running, there have been a number of Elder Kindred that have fought and struggled to attain the ultimate power of the throne. Some have failed, some have been murdered for their reward and yet others have ruled with an iron fist until they grew weary or moved on to higher positions of power. If you have an interest in politics, take a tour through the Hall of Princes, where you can get an overview of the manipulation and mayhem that have accompanied the rise (and fall) of many of Atlanta's Eldest vampires.


During the many years of vampiric activity in Atlanta, strange and fell items and creatures of mystery and power have appeared. Some of the items and relics that have appeared have brought great powers and benefits to those that have owned or used them, while others have come with curses that have caused those that tried to wield them to go mad or disappear without a trace. Likewise, many of the strange denizens of the World of Darkness that have visited Atlanta have brought evil and destruction, while others have had motives that were inscrutable. If you have an interest in the esoteric and macabre, then perhaps you might be interested in perusing the Museum of the Mystic and the Dread.


Finally, feel free to spend some somber moments in The Graveyard where the dearly departed and the infamous scoundrels of the past lie in quiet repose. Although not all those listed in the Graveyard have met the Final Death, all residents interred therein have been missing from the society for so long that they are presumed to have met an ill-fated end.

If you have information or events that you would like to see added to this evolving history of the AIT chronicle, please contact us.


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