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Character Name:
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Out of Game Contributions (Check all that apply)
Narrator This is my First Game
Setup I have less than 50 xp
I have less than 100 xp I have less than 150 xp
Cleanup I play a human

Additional Out of Game Help: (Please List any other things that you, as a player did to improve the game.
(ex: Bring snacks and drinks, donating props and decorations. etc)

Game Report: (Stuff your character did during the game)

The Downtime Section

Available Resources:
Please list any influences and BUs you have available, as well as your
current bank account balance.


Influence Transfers to Others:
List the type and number of influences you are transferring.
EXAMPLE: 3 Church to Mr. Smiley of Clan Toreador

Influences Expected from Others:
List what specific influences you expect to receive from other characters.
EXAMPLE: 2 Industry from Bad Boy Bob of Clan Brujah

BU Transfers:
List all BUs that will be transferred to or from your character.

Use of Downtime Influences:
Explain how all of your influences will be used. Remember to include the
quantity of each influence type you wish applied to each action.
EXAMPLES: Investigations, Acquiring Items, Research, etc.

There is a good influence article by Mark Zohn here.

Need Equipment? Check Out Here for known prices!

Other Downtime Actions: (if applicable)


Roleplaying Notes:
This section is where you can give praise to other players
that you saw roleplaying well or who wore costumes, makeup or
otherwise contributed to the atmosphere and quality of the game.
Be as specific as possible so that the Storytellers can use your
comments to help determine XP awards.


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