The Photo Gallery

Occasionally one of our players will bring a camera to one of the AIT events to capture some of the action. We will attempt to post such pictures on the website whenever possible. If you have pictures that you would like to submit, please write us.



November 2008 Photos

  1. Looking Friendly
  2. In Scene

February 2006 Photos

  1. Bill Jones of Clan Ventrue
  2. Carlo, The Lone Remaining Gravino
  3. There's a New Giovanni In Town
  4. Christian, Winner Of The Poetry Contest
  5. Cuirithir na Sliabh: You May Say That He's A Dreamer
  6. The Sultry Lynessa Lawless and Sprightly Rheanna Dragonclaw of Clan Toreador
  7. Marius Demalko, head of the Demalko Family
  8. Prince Minos Looking Surly
  9. Dean Randall: Malkavian Motivator Guy
  10. A Menacing Robed Figure
  11. Shirley Maynard-Rhys and Lapdog
  12. That's One Tough Toreador!
  13. Wolfram's Inner Self Shines Through
  14. A Swishy New Sailor Man Has Come To Town
  15. Sailor Man Shows 'Em How It's Done
  16. Peanut Butter, Jelly, Jelly
  17. A Demalko Family Portrait
  18. Cry 'Fashion' And Let Slip The Dogs of Havoc!
  19. The DoH Pose Some More

January 2006 Photos

  1. Rheanna the Pink-Haired Toreador
  2. Cesare Giovanni is a Fatherly Figure
  3. Somebody's In Trouble!
  4. Seneschal Cuirithir Looking Wistful
  5. Is Elizabeth About To Shoot Laser Beams Out Of Her Eyes?
  6. Tommy And Friend Waiting For The Game To Begin
  7. Plotting And Deliberation
  8. Jen Sets Up The Malkove...
  9. ...While Steve Helps By Spot-Welding Some Curtains With His Laser Eyes
  10. The New Player Briefing
  11. A Sultry Shower Scene
  12. Spencer Works the Influence Desk
  13. Signing Up For The Giovanni Sealed Bid Auction
  14. A Slow Moment In The Influence Room
  15. A Mysterious Robed Figure

December 2005 Photos

  1. Anastasio Fellini Has More Angst Than You
  2. Nice Shirt, Anastasio
  3. Cesare Looking Stately
  4. Cool Glasses. Cool, Cool Glasses
  5. The Demalkos All Painted Up
  6. A No-Doubt-Scintillating Conversation Between Prince Minos And Shirley Maynard-Rhys
  7. Whatever You Do, Don't Say "Mouse"
  8. The Primogen Council Delberates
  9. Rheanna Dragonclaw, Lovely As Ever
  10. Wolfram And His Monochromatic Friend

November 2005 Photos

  1. Get your grope on

June 2005 Photos

  1. Prince Minos
  2. UnoWolf
  3. Kumo
  4. Shattered
  5. Reanna


May 2005 Photos

  1. Alece & Carlo Gravino
  2. Aldous Carroll
  3. Poker anyone?


January 2004 Photos

  1. Don James Gravino
  2. Harpy Torrence Wicke and his ghoul, Patrick
  3. Miss Lynessa Lawless of the Toreador
  4. Andre de Lyons, Tremere Regent?
  5. Uno Wolf of the Fight Club
  6. Teoyaomqui (Costume design by Suzanne Hyland)
  7. Teoyaomqui (again)
  8. Teoyaomqui with a Devil on his shoulder
  9. Nervous, Prince Kendrick?
  10. The end of the Shadows?


August 2002 Photos

  1. Sheriff Motlow
  2. Destin Vengore, Tremere Primogen
  3. Primogen Meeting, Who is that asleep?!!
  4. James Gravino, Minister of Information
  5. Clan Gangrel
  6. Minos, Nosferatu
  7. Carlo Gravino, Ventrue
  8. An Evil Visitor?
  9. Angelo "Clubs" Gravino
  10. Ronnie as Serenity Wang, Minister of Resources
  11. Olivia as Dr.Grant Ecks
  12. Vinnie Gravino, Ventrue
  13. Shattered, Malkavian
  14. David Kendrick, Independent
  15. Fight Club Training!
  16. Fight Club Strategy
  17. Prince Antonin Artaud
  18. Merrick Worthington, Ventrue
  19. Gravino Family


July 2002 Photos

  1. Kumo and Crew
  2. Uno Wolf Powers Up!


December 2001 Photos

  1. A Toreador
  2. Molo of Clan Gangrel
  3. A Malkavian
  4. Nigel and Francis
  5. Madeline Pompedour, Toreador Primogen
  6. Jacques Vachon, Toreador
  7. Howard A Dunwich, Malkavian
  8. Rechtschaffen, Nosferatu Primogen
  9. Bear of Clan Gangrel
  10. Dr Kyle Rickman, Brujah Primogen

April 2001 Photos

  1. Catherine Des Forges, Toreador
  2. Dr Kyle Rickman, Brujah
  3. Marcus Edward DeSade, Tremere
  4. Archmagus Simon St Croix and Tremere Regent Dr Vernon Nalcon
  5. M Gauntt, Tremere
  6. Robert Anselme, Toreador
  7. Evil Incarnate
  8. Male Vampire
  9. Bear, Gangrel
  10. Kaleb, Seneschal of Atlanta
  11. Neil Derf, ghoul

March 2001 Photos

  1. Molo (Gangrel), Roxanne Slade, Marx and Dana
  2. Bron Giovanni
  3. Cesare Giovanni and Bridgette
  4. Jonathan Crow and P Floyd (Malkavians) with Max Kruger (Brujah)
  5. Howard A Dunwich and (Malkavians)
  6. Billy Bennett and Helios (Brujah)
  7. Jonathan Crow (Malkavian) and Elisa Huan (Toreador)
  8. Prince Fontage (Ventrue) speaks to Mistress Mayfair (Brujah)
    Frederico, Gerard Mondreaux, Serenity Wang and Lovich in the background
  9. A Beast's Fantasy -
    Karl Whale (Nosferatu) feeds from Madeline Pompedour (Toreador)
  10. Archmagus Simon StCroix (Tremere)
  11. Eve "Hex" Delacoix (Tremere)

January 2001 Photos

  1. Urlich van Hissler and Urika
  2. Adelaide, the Dauphin
  3. Mistress Mayfair of Clan Brujah
  4. Billy Bennett of Clan Brujah
  5. Marcus Travan and Cullen Bishop (Nosferatu) with Gerard Mondreaux of Clan Brujah
  6. Kaleb, Seneschal, with members of the Toreador Clan
  7. Madeline, Primogen of the Toreador
  8. Milton Waddams of the Malkavians
  9. Marcus Blackwell, Ghoul
  10. Prophet and Mr T (Malkavian)
  11. Dr Vernon Nalcon and Eve Delacroix of the Tremere
  12. The Malkavian Clan
  13. Polo of Clan Gangrel
  14. A patron of the Anubis Club
  15. J Gibson, Storyteller
  16. Ash Lovins, Storyteller
  17. Mark Zohn, Storyteller

The photographs from all of our 2000 events have now been archived in the 2000 Events Photo Gallery.

The photographs from all of our 1999 events can be found in the 1999 Events Photo Gallery.


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