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The Nosferatu Viewpoint

We are Family. There is a union between us that goes deeper than blood and visage. The Nosferatu are built on three foundations: Information, Security, and Strength. There will come a day when the Ancient Ones will rise from their graves and we will be ready. If we are all to survive, then each brother and sister must do his part.

We are Family. Never forget this. Learn your part in the family and play it well. All your brothers and sisters are allies against the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones must not be allowed to win.

These are the basics:

Camarilla - If you swim alone, the sharks will eat you. If you swim with six others, the sharks may eat them first. We joined for Security, not because it was said to be right.

Brujah - They try to be a family like us. They call into the night for their brothers, but often their brothers are truly their enemies. They are strong and fast; trust them to be rash and violent in all matters. They are perfect for weakening our enemies.

Gangrel - The woods are their home. They achieve strength alone rather than through Family and Brotherhood. They, like us, want to survive. They are good fighters and they will fight the war against the Ancients with us.

Malkavians - Insanity is a curse some would say... these are the pawns that should never be played... they will need information then not use it... they will ask for answers then tell them to us before we can speak... avoid them, they will annoy before they will be useful.

Toreador - Art is not important. They waste their time and effort on things with no lasting value. Make them your friends, give them that which they covet and use them to weaken your enemies. And remember..."beauty is only skin deep," something we know better than most.

Tremere - Wizards, and pawns. They wish order. Their power is not in numbers or in family, but in the pawns they play. Never trust them, never expect more than is in your hand, never leave them at your back.

Ventrue - The would be Kings. Sit behind the throne, and watch them fight amongst themselves. Give them what they need and make the Family stronger and the enemy weaker.

Caitiff - Dogs, like all other pets, must be controlled and made friendly. Offer them friendship and get them to help you. Their growing numbers are the sign of the return of the Ancient Ones. They will prove to be a force; make them yours rather than your enemies.

One day you will meet these. Be ready, be calm, and be warned:

Sabbat - The warriors of the open war. They hunt the Ancient and destroy their pawns. Unfortunately, they would kill themselves and us while trying to kill the Ancients. They are best left to their own war. Stop them when they threaten you; ignore them otherwise.

Lasombra - Be warned, these can never be trusted. They have killed their Ancient but they lead the Sabbat into creating chaos. They fight our fight, but often too well. Like the Ventrue they are to be controlled and used; do not trust them.

Tzimisce - Once they had tradition and position; once they were our allies. Now they are different. Do not trust them, do not trust anyone who knows of them. They are beyond control or manipulation. Avoid them.

Nosferatu Antitribu - Our Brothers Lost. They fight the war and know the Family. They know we are cousins and allies apart. They are not the enemy, but they are not our friend. Deal with them as an equal, but never as a trusted friend.

Setites - They openly serve their Ancient. They call to and worship him. Kill them twice over if you have the chance. Never trust them, and never trust those that have trusted them.

Werewolves - Trust them to destroy that which they call evil. Sometimes that is the shadows below, sometimes that is us. They have their uses, but should be avoided rather than possibly annoyed.

The Spirals - Some of the werewolves come from the darkness beneath our realms. They try to kill us. There is no reasoning with them. There is peace between us and them. Kill them, because they will try to kill you.

We are Family but each has his job. There are three jobs; pick one.

Information - Hide, watch, and listen, then tell your Brothers. A bear with no claws of surprise or teeth of duplicity is still strong, but weak compared to what it could have been. The more we know, the more powerful we become.

Security - Know yourself, and know your home. Call forth its beings and use them to better understand your home. Create and defend your home. Aid your allies; take the power of Strength and the power of Information and use them to fight the war. Lead your Brothers; do not use them.

Strength - Every war has its fighters. We would use other clans to fight but not all can be trusted. You are the defenders of the Information and the muscle of Security. The others need you and your strength; become strong and be ready. War is coming

Family has its levels. Grandfather, to father, to you. Each has their place. Learn your rank and begin to climb; learn from your betters and from your lessers. Both have much to tell you, and you have much to learn.

Elders - Most Elders create Security. Once they were Information or Strength; now they are so powerful they have outgrown their old jobs. Like a grandfather they are to be trusted, and like a teacher they are to be listened to. Listen and obey, for they earned their position.

Ancillae - Teachers and mentors, they are the masters of their jobs. Some have become Security, but most are simply the best at what they do. Learn from them when they have time to teach, and follow them when they lead.

Neonates - Learn and understand your job, become the best, and then teach your lessers. Do your job, for you are part of the greater Family that must grow stronger.

So where are we strong?

We are everywhere. We are in the boardrooms, the computer rooms, the alleyways, and the meeting halls. We once had homes, but now we make our homes where we need to be.

What happened?

Once our Ancient existed alone. He lived for the hunt, and sought out all that could face him, but they were weak. Only those of the blood were worthy of his hunt. He created children to hunt, and then drank them. He created the Niktuku; they were children created from monsters, growing ever more monstrous with the power of the blood. Caine saw this and cursed him and his children with his visage.

Outraged, he called his children to gather his power for the Greatest Hunt, and all save one came. She disliked her sire and would not serve. The Ancient was angered, and sent forth his children to slay their children, and their children's children.

The Niktuku came forth and walked the shadows hunting their children. Some are dead, some are gone, some are sleeping. The Ancient is now asleep, but his curse reminds us he wants us dead, and that he must be stopped. None of the Ancient's Children are to be trusted.

We are the children of the one that refused to come, and the survivors of the Ancient Ones' get. Fear those beyond your Elders, for they are the servitors of the Ancient One and would kill us from the darkness below.

Where are we going?

Rumors of the ancient Hag have come. Baba Yaga once more rules Russia, and her clan is there. None know if she is the one that would not come, or another servant of the Ancient One. We wait and prepare, as her rebirth is a first sign of the coming doom.

How do we get together?

We gather to tell our secrets, deep in the comfort of our underworld home. Gather when you have the chance, and speak when you have something to say. We are all Brothers, and all are entitled to our voice.

Listen to your Elders; they have learned much and their voice carries the weight of power and years.

The Traditions

Masquerade: Keep it. Humans are not our enemies, and they would be better served to never be our enemies.

Domain: Respect it. Ours is ours and theirs is theirs. War over meaningless turf is worthless.

Progeny: Embrace those that deserve our curse. Our Domain is the underworld. Princes might complain but what they do not know is not our concern...or theirs.

Accounting: We are Family. A father protects his son, and a daughter respects her mother.

Hospitality: Who cares. We only rarely visit their world, and they almost never visit ours.

Destruction: Save your Brother. Destroy those that serve the Ancients.

How do you gain respect?

Prove yourself to the family. Show yourself to be more than a neonate through action and information. Others will respect you because you have proven yourself. Demanding respect is not our way. Proving you deserve it is. Honor those of more skill, as you would be honored for your skill.

Who's who?

Baba Yaga - Child of Absimilard, she has and will always rule Russia. She is either our greatest ally or one of our worst banes. Respect her age; do not trust her minions until they prove themselves.

Clanbook: Ventrue
If you are interested in learning more about the Nosferatu Clan, go straight to the source with White Wolf's Clanbook: Nosferatu.
Ventrue Clan Novel
I am still reading the Nosferatu Clan Novel, but so far the book is well written and seems to be wrapping up the full storyline in a captivating manner.


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