Clan Malkavian


A Female Malkavian

The Malkavian Viewpoint

"So, who are "we"? Let's start with the word itself: we. It's a label, hung onto a group of individuals by those who want to classify, dissect, lump and own. "We" don't exist, unless they win ("they" are real, by the desire to name others). Control, stratification, clarification, certainty: resist the power of rigidity and be strong."

"They say we're insane; probably. They say we're jokers and pranksters; not bloody likely. They say we're wacky children who play with toys; these are the lies they tell themselves so they aren't afraid. Insane? Yes. Bloody jokers? More likely than not. Children? Like the Menendez brothers or Lizzie Borden. Toys? Oh, yes..... toys. Metal, brass, flammables, explosives, flesh, and red, runny toys that squish when they break. Toys...."


"The Camarilla is the supernatural apex of a worldwide conspiracy that started before the fall of Rome. It was carried by its secret masters into Judea; the carpenter's son was just another pawn. The fall of the Templars, the death of the mystical worldview, the rise of the bourgeoisie, the French Revolution, steam, the unnatural geography of Washington DC, the death of Kennedy, flouridated water and late night talk shows; these are all tools of the international consortium whose ultimate goal is one world government and domination of the masses from afar. Do not underestimate them; they know you have read this."

Brujah - "The Brouhahahaha wear leather, burn things, shout slogans, and fight amongst themselves; they're lots of fun to have at parties. They cry for equality but live in a natural state of savagery and brutality; people call us crazy? They make cool friends, so long as you don't actually call them on their contradictions. They kick ass, so if you're not a friend, be absent."

Gangrel - "Oh, I love little doggies. When I was five, my mommie gave me the cutest little fluffy doggy with the biggest, sweetest brown eyes. I loved him. But little doggy only loved me part of the time. I had to hold him tight, and never let him go, because the bad men would get little doggie. But it got harder to hold him. Every day there was less of little doggie to hold. One day, there was only his sweet face, but them mommie found him and sent him away to doggie heaven. I never forgave her for that. Now she's in heaven, too. Would you be my little doggie now?"

Nosferatu - "... and thus, by showing the outward signs of their moral degeneracy, the Nosferatu serves as a cautionary beacon to the rest of us. We must guard tightly against any bestial recidivism, and be pure in our claim to the title of most worthy of all creatures, the true masters of all we can imagine. We must keep the Nosferatu close, and honor them, for they are the sign that reads, "Be not like us, lest you become us"."

Toreador - "I never liked popular people. The cool, rich, beautiful and talented that were on all the shows. People said it wasn't real, that people like that don't exist. Well, they do. Toreador. Tori-a-door. Weird, but people like that in them... they call me names when I say the walls talk to me, but if some rich bitch in a Halston dress says it, everyone applauds. They're the cheerleaders, the student council presidents, the homecoming queens, the beatniks, the trendy artists; I hate them all."

Tremere - "Suffer not a witch to live. Which witch? Witchcraft kraftwerk, spooky ooky family, big house with bats and wings and weird things in the basement. Bubble, bubble, blood fire and trouble, how does your garden grow? Little rosies, pickled posies, pretty maids all in a row. Broken mirror, over your shoulder, run from them, if you would be older."

Ventrue - "Blue blood? I haven't had the chance to find out for sure, yet. The kings would rather be in their counting house, counting out their money. Instead, they are the little man behind the curtain; don't be the flaming skull. Slow and cool, like glaciers; plenty of time to get out of their way, but if you don't, you're ground into gravel."

The Caitiff - Oh, little lost lamb, where is your home? Am I Mary, not contrary, or the prodigal son? Do you stay, or should you run? Oh, little lamb, what hand, what blood made thee? In the darkness of the night, you do not burn, but hide in fright. "

Clanbook: Malkavian
If you are interested in learning more about the Malkavian Clan, go straight to the source with White Wolf's Clanbook: Malkavian.
Malkavian Clan Novel
The Malkavian Clan Novel was interesting once you get past the first few chapters. Many of the early plot elements were tied up and several questions were answered. The figure of Anatole, the prophet of Gehenna is one of the best realized Malkavians to come out of White Wolf literature.


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