Clan Lasombra

  A Male Lasombra

The Lasombra are the dark leaders of the Sabbat, those who diablerized their progenitor and founded the organization in opposition to the Camarilla and its stauch defense of its traditions and humanity. They are known to practice a Discipline referred to by some as Obtenebration, which summons creatures of shadow to do their bidding.

The Lasombra are just as concerned about freedom as the other clans of the Sabbat, but they view the means of holding onto that freedom a little differently. They emphasize the control over mortal political, religious and financial institutions as a way of defending the Sabbat from threats. The Lasombra maintain the largest number of retainers of any clan in the Sabbat. They maintain agents in many positions of power and have implanted spies throughout the world. These agents are loyal to the Sabbat, but they answer directly to the Lasombra. After all the Lasombra consider what is good for their clan to be good for the sect.

Even more than the Ventrue and Tremere, the Lasombra are masters of intrigue. Rather than erect the genteel facade of the aforementioned clans, however, the Lasombra are openly competitive and warlike. Lasombra maintain their often tenuous control over their Sabbat brethren through a mixture of force, espionage and manipulation, often guiding the other clans without said clans' realization. The word "Machiavellian" aptly describes the members of this clan. Stealth and cunning are second nature to them, to the point that they have developed an affinity with and control of the forces of night and shadows.

Nickname: Keepers

Clan Advantage: Due to their authoritative natures, Lasombra begin with one free Authority ability.

Clan Disadvantage: Lasombra cast no reflection, so they do not appear in any reflective surface including mirrors, glass, and cameras. They will, however, appear on videotape and digital cameras.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence

Clanbook: Lasombra
If you are interested in learning more about the Lasombra Clan, go straight to the source with White Wolf's Clanbook: Lasombra.
Lasombra Clan Novel
The Lasombra Clan Novel was action packed and once again portrayed some of the events of a previous novel from the perspective of the Sabbat, this time following the story of Lucita, a female Lasombra. Interestingly, Clan Novels 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 12 all have female lead characters.


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