A Gargoyle

Not actually a full fledged vampiric Clan, the Gargoyle bloodline owes its origins to horrible experimentation conducted by the Tremere many centuries ago. Originally constructed and bred as slaves, servants and soldiers, many Gargoyles formed an organized revolt against their Tremere slave masters and won their freedom. These free Gargoyles are now showing up in larger and larger numbers as loyal supporters of the Camarilla ideal, the Traditions and the Masquerade.

Clan Advantage: Gargoyles have stone-like flesh. They are simply harder to stake. When someone attempts to stake a Gargoyle, the staking challenge will require winning an additional static test.

Clan Disadvantage: Created as servants for the Tremere, Gargoyles are at half traits when defending against any Dominate challenge from Tremere. Also, the odd features and stone-like flesh of the Gargoyle make it more difficult to move unnoticed through mortal society. Their true appearance is a breach of the Masquerade.

Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika


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