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Gangrel are wanderers. The Gangrel in Atlanta tend to be an exception to the rule, as they do not wander as much as the typical Gangrel.

The Atlanta Gangrel also tend to be a bit more organized than the typical Gangrel you might see. They are organized, as many Gangrel are, on a wolf pack mentality where members of the clan are extremely loyal to one another. This is the natural way of wolves and is necessary for safety and survival.

The most unique trait of wolves is their intelligence and social behavior. Wolves are highly social animals, living in family groups called packs. These packs are tightly knit social groups, with a ranking structure in place, most generally believed for keeping the pack organized for purposes of the hunt and care of the pack.

The nominal leader or Alpha of the Gangrel is referred to as 'the Eldest.' The Eldest Gangrel is usually the Gangrel that can stand the most political bullshit of the city. As of January of the year 2002. The eldest Gangrel is Taylor LaGrange.

Generally, Clan Gangrel are a clan of survivors, they do not hate civilization they simply do not need it.

The Gangrel are very capable shape shifters, which may explain their ease in crossing the wild lands without incident. Gangrel are typically able to transform into a bat or wolf and some of the Gangrel elders can turn into a nearly indestructible mist form. Finally, The most powerful of the Gangrel can turn themselves into a huge half-man, half-wolf form capable of dealing tremendous damage to anyone foolish enough to tangle with them

Nickname: Outlanders, or if you're a Malkavian, Fido

Appearance: The members of this clan often have animalistic features, especially if they have the Protean Discipline. They are usually quite rustic in dress and mannerisms.

Havens: Gangrel are nomadic by nature and almost never create permanent dwellings. Though they may live within a single city, they will usually not create havens for themselves, but will instead sleep in a different place each day. They are often found in parks, zoos or semi-wooded areas in the city. Most of them are able to meld with the earth and do so each dawn to escape the sun. However, Atlanta Gangrel tend to make a basic haven. Again, this creates even larger differences between the Atlanta Gangrel from the Clan at large.

Background: Gangrel tend to pick their childer very carefully with an emphesis on selecting those who can survive without the need of help from outsiders. Once embraced Gangrel are generally left to fend for themselves, learning the ways of a vampire without help from their sire. The sire may watch the childer from a distance, but rarely ever interferes with the progress. This may seem cold and cruel, however in the Gangrel mindset, if you cannot surivive, then you do not deserve to exist. After the Childer has shown themselves capable of suriving, the sire will introduce the fledgling vampire to the rest of the clan.

The Gangrel tend to be very proud of their linage, and usually take great pains to explain the history of the clan and their sire and their sire's sire. The Gangrel also tend to enjoy telling stories, and recently in Atlanta the story telling has become a more important part of the clan meeting.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Clan Advantage: Gangrel start with one free Survival skill.

Clan Disadvantage: Because Gangrel tend to be wanderers and rarely stay in any one place for an extended period of time, they do not start with a haven, and must create one from scratch.

Organization: The Gangrel for the most part do not consider themselves a clan, with the rather notable exception of the Atlanta Gangrel. In the extreme politics of Atlanta, the Gangrel have been forced to band together and work together. Perhaps unsuprisingly, as like tends to attract like, The Gangrel prefer each others company over other clans and can often be found together.

The Gangrel Viewpoint on the Other Clans

Brujah - Good guys in a fight, a pity they don't know what to fight for.
Malkavian - The only thing that keeps them alive is that we can't find them all.
Nosferatu - Kindred of strong spirit; we have much in common with them.
Toreador - Deserving of contempt. The deserve nothing more, except maybe to be ventilated with a few extra holes.
Tremere - Our enemies, we must seek to understand them so we may destroy them.
Ventrue - If they had a clue, We might respect them and their efforts to lead us. As it is, We do not.
Setite - The Heart of Corruption exists in everyone of their unbeating dark hearts. That heart should be torn out of every one of them.
Gargoyle - Another Tremere horror inflicted. Help them become free.
Tzimisce - Shapeshifters as well, A pity they're on the other side.
Giovanni - Soul stealers of the Darkest type. Stay far away from these monsters in suits.
Lasombra - Arrogant, Suave, and manipulative. The Tremere of the shadows.
Assamite - Assassins of the first rank. If you have one contracted out on you, think of it as a great honor. If you survive, it is an even greater honor. Make sure you survive.

-Revised June 2000

Clanbook: Gangrel
If you are interested in learning more about the Gangrel Clan, go straight to the source with White Wolf's Clanbook: Gangrel.
Gangrel Clan Novel
The Gangrel Clan Novel was also quite good. I just finished reading it and I highly recommend it. The novel provided some truly excellent insight into the mind, personality and behavior of the Gangrel Clan.


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