The Prince has ruled that caitiff must find a Clan and join it
A Male Caitiff

The orphans and lost children of the Kindred world, the Caitiff are the results of reckless, frenzied or careless Embraces. Frequently unaware of their Sire or the full circumstances of their Embrace, the Caitiff suffers the cruel fate of trying to find their way without allies and without a Clan in the terrifying environment that is the World of Darkness.

Although not actually a Clan of Kindred many of the Caitiff that live on the outskirts of Camarilla society will band together for mutual protection and the fulfillment of common goals. While some Clans may take in the stray Caitiff here or there, most of the Caitiff are forced to get by with the dregs of Camarilla society.

The Caitiff Viewpoint

I never wanted the Embrace. I was never asked if I wanted it. All I wanted was to live, but no, my sire had different plans for my future. I was a successful banker in Chicago during the early 1800's, my sire decided to use me as her purse, I remember how as I was dying she was telling me of the greatness of the Kindred. How there was no bias upon your sex or skin color, how I was about to leave my mortal prejudices behind. A perfect little world. All was fine at first.

That is, until they discovered what I was...

I had been Ventrue, but I always found that I could feed upon any vessel I desired. A host of new names was cast upon my head, mongrel, thin blooded, clan bastard, and the one they liked the best...Caitiff. It's about that time all that equality shit goes out the window. My sire felt disgraced having beget one of the clanless, she left town, never saw her again, good riddance to her. Once they know you are Caitiff, there's no place for you to go, not with the Brujah, even the Nosferatu don't want you. You are the scum of their society, and they will seek to remind you of this every time you interact with them. As an added bonus they will even seek to send your ass to Final Death.

Why is this you may ask? Some say they fear what we can become, rumors abound that a few Caitiff have founded their own bloodlines. Others claim we are a sign of the end times, Gehenna as they call it. Evidently if they wipe us all out, Gehenna will never come to pass or some shit like that, but if you ask me I just chalk it up to good ole' racism. They use excuses like those I presented to justify their treatment of us. I mean what use is it to be king if there are no peasants to crush and oppress. Not to mention the fact that none of them would want to admit they still hold on to those oh, so long forgotten mortal emotions.

Let me tell you about another thing that pisses me off to no end. This whole thin blooded swill that they spew out. I myself have developed my blood disciplines to levels equal to that of any Elder or Prince. I could easily sire childer if I desired to do so, and my blood is that of only seven steps from that of Caine. Though I do admit to have committed Amaranth once, I did not seek it, it came seeking me. I have even heard that some Caitiff have created their own blood disciplines. You'll hear the other clans tell you about their great and noble lineages and histories, and condemn you for having none. The next time you are confronted with their swill, just ask him what clan did Caine and his childer belong to?

In my opinion if you don't possess a clan curse it's because of one reason. You were strong enough to resist it, and that alone makes you better than them. You were not bound to a set group of blood disciplines, you choose them to best suit yourself. So tell them where they can stick that thin blooded swill...

Who's Who amongst the Damned

Assamites - These guys are a real treat, let me tell you. The only good thing I can say about them is that there are very few people that will hire them to kill you. If one of theses guys shows up for your head, you can be sure that you have seriously pissed someone off. Don't give them and inch though, because if you can defeat the assassin, you'll need not worry about the Assamites again.

Brujah - You'll listen to the Brujah rant about equality and freedom, but once they find out that you're Caitiff, so much for that rabble. The Brujah are as hypocritical as any other clan, they just have a better facade to hide behind. Watch for their frenzies, they're kind of like blenders on high speed.

Followers of Set - Dealing with these guys is like making a deal with the devil. Sure you'll get what you want, but they'll throw in a little something extra to ruin the whole thing. I'd say it's just best to leave them be, they'll just use you up, and toss you like an empty beer can when they're done.

Gangrel - The hillbillies are a strange breed. One minute they're doing their best to help you, the next they're telling you to leave. When the latter happens...Haul ass! You've got to be tough to survive in Lupine Land, and these guys do it all the time. And if you think a Brujah looks bad when he frenzies, just try a pissed off Gangrel.

Giovanni - I'll admit...I'm kind of biased when it comes to these guys. The Giovanni have always treated me right, even today I still keep business contacts with a few of them. They've always treated myself, and other Caitiff I know, with respect. One thing though...if you go to work for them, make damned sure you don't screw up, or you'll find a whole new meaning in the phrase "eternal torment."

Lasombra - You've just got to love a clan that's as busy back stabbing each other as they are back stabbing everyone else. Don't piss them off and they'll leave you alone, just don't trust them either. The Lasombra are as sneaky and manipulative as the Ventrue, but at least the have the decency to be open about it.

Malkavians - The Kooks aren't so bad once you get used to them. The only problem is they begin to make sense after hanging around them for a while. Most often you can find shelter amongst their clan, especially if you show that "special something", but even then you'll still be treated like an outsider once they find out you're Caitiff.

Nosferatu - Never talk with the Nosferatu. They'll act real chummy with you until you let some dirty little secret slip. They especially love your own, which they can hold against you and sell to the highest bidder. When you enter the sewers though, remember it's time to kiss their asses. It's the "Kingdom of the Blind" in their labyrinths, and they are the "one-eyed men".

Panders - I'm going to have to be biased here as well. Although they're not fully respected as a clan, no matter what they or the Sabbat tell you, none in the Sabbat are willing to be vocal about it. The Panders are the single greatest Caitiff uprising in Kindred history, and has done more than any other organization of Caitiff today. I would join, except that the Sabbat's vileness isn't very appealing to me. The Camarilla could learn a lesson from the Sabbat in this department.

Toreador - If you're of the artistic bent, you might find these guys amusing for a few hours. If you can snap a good photo you can pass yourself off as one of them for a few weeks, and learn all about them. They can't go five minutes without telling you about themselves and the suffering that their clan has endured, meanwhile telling you how they're so sorry unlife hasn't been better for the Caitiff. They call themselves artist, I call them bigoted candy asses.

Tremere- Come here...I'll let you in on a little secret, these guys are all Caitiff and don't let them tell you any different. That whole diablerie curse is just to make them fit in better with the Camarilla types, and I hear that can even turn it off when they wish. Kill one the second you can get away with it, you'll be performing a public service.

Tzimisce - Being a former victim of the Tremere's vile experiments, I can safely tell you that the Tzimisce take brutality, sadisticness, and evil into a whole new level. They make the Tremere look like humanitarians. Avoid them, and if they ever turn their evil eye your way, pack your shit and get out of town before they twist your head into a balloon animal.

Ventrue - They're good at putting on a friendly face, then making sure you don't live to see the next sunset. Keep you eye on the Ventrue, they have as may dirty secrets as any other clan, they're just better at hiding them.

The Camarilla - This shinny, happy coalition of vampires is the biggest load of bullshit Kindredkind has ever come up with. If there's so much equality in the Camarilla...where's the Caitiff Justicar? Truth is, given the choice between a Lasombra Antitribu or a Caitiff, the Camarilla would accept the Sabbat reject first. Can you guess where they can shove their supposed equality?

The Sabbat - These guys are a lot more honest than the Camarilla. All you have to do is drink your way to the top, and pray that no one decides to return the favor. Though you'll get plenty of chances to play a few rounds of Drain the Elder in your numerous battles with the Camarilla, the Panders do all the Sabbat's dirty work. Even will find some measure of respect amongst them.

The Anarch Free States - This is probably the best chance for most of you out there to gain some measure of safety. You're a Caitiff...they don't care, but you'll have to join an Anarch gang, and you'll spend most of your nights protecting your "turf" from all who enter. It's quite chaotic.

The Autarkis - Let me tell you...There's no greater feeling than telling a Prince to screw off in his own house, knowing that you're going to walk out of there. Just be damned sure you have that kind of power. We Autarkis are the willing outcasts, we want no Jyhad, just keep the Camarilla's precious Masquerade and you're fine. Of course not following His Majesty's laws means that you're not protected by them either, so be sure you can protect your own ass.

Our Heroes

"There are no Caitiff among the Sabbat. Join us, and you too can know what real unity is like. You don't have to be alone, my brother. You can join us and be among your own kind. There's strength in numbers."
--Joseph Pander
Priscus of the Sabbat and founder of Clan Pander
Joseph Pander - There can be no doubt that Joseph Pander is perhaps the greatest Caitiff in all Kindred history. His fanatical passion for equality lead him to do what no other Caitiff has done before or since. That's right, Clan Pander. His Caitiff rebellion in the 1950's has earned the Panders the respect and status equal to any other clan in the Sabbat. These actions have even earned Joseph Pander the title of Priscus of the Sabbat, the highest title held by any Caitiff in an organized sect. He is often found with a semi-religious reverence amongst non-Sabbat Caitiff everywhere. Indeed his dedication to the vision of equality has served as an inspiration to Caitiff everywhere.

Mukhtar Bey, Price of Cairo - Yes, you heard right...Prince. Long before there was Joseph Pander, Mukhtar Bey found himself Prince of Cairo in the early 14th century. He is another shining example of what Caitiff can accomplish through skill and guile. Shortly after his Embrace, Mukhtar Bey, quickly rose in power and eventually won himself the title of Seneschal under the Ventrue Prince of Cairo, Antonius. When Antonius met final death at the hands of Setite assassins during a dual Setite/Assamite invasion of the city, Mukhtar quickly moved in and took the mantle of Princehood upon himself. Though met with much opposition, he quickly quelled any dissenters when he successfully negotiated a truce with the Assamites, something that had never been done before and a truce that still hold to this day, all the while keeping the Followers of Set at arms length. Though not without challenge, Mukhtar Bey has handled every situation presented before him with impressive skill, and has worked hard to turn Cairo into a free city for all, where even the Sabbat are welcomed as long as they follow his laws. No doubt the Caitiff are granted a measure of respect in Cairo, and many who find they have no place left to go find themselves there.

Alexi Darba - One of our many martyrs, Alexi Darba was but seven steps from Caine. He lead a group of eight Caitiff in 1973 to demand equality from the Camarilla. Most of the coterie was comprised of his childer, those who remained were as powerful as himself. They were successful in organizing the Caitiff of Seattle in to a clan and then forcing the Prince of the city into recognizing them as such. But alas, his success got the better of him and he decided to lead his group to the Conclave in Venice, demanding Caitiff equality throughout the Camarilla. Darba and his eight may have been tough, but they were no match for the seven Justicars and their Archons. Word is they all became breakfast for the Inner Circle before sunrise.


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