The Clans and Players

The Kindred

Vampires have existed for millennia, since the dawn of time when Caine first brought murder into the world by killing his brother, Abel, and becoming damned by God. Caine's children are those vampires. Calling themselves "Kindred" they are the hidden masters of the night.

Known Coteries

Occaisionally small groups of vampires will gather together in small sects or groups for mutual self-interest. These secret cabals are often referred to as coteries. Read about some of the coteries that have left their mark in the history books of Atlanta.

Photo Gallery

Photos capturing some of the action and players at recent events.

The Camarilla Clans

Those clans that belong to the more Traditional and larger sect of vampires, known as the Camarilla.

The Sabbat Clans

Those clans that rejected the terms of the Convention of Thorns and split away from their brethren to form the violent, chaotic and dimly understood sect known as the Sabbat.

The Independent Clans

Those clans that chose to remain neutral in the bloody jyhad between the Camarilla and the Sabbat and who have no loyalty other than to themselves.


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