Experience Points

In an effort to meet the changing demands and needs of the players and chronicle of Atlanta Interactive Theatre, the Storytellers have revised how XP is handled for existing characters and retired or removed characters. The new XP rules went into effect in 2009 and focus on helping newer players advance their characters more swiftly and on bringing more experienced players to a more manageable level of XP. All changes are included below.

In an effort to clarify for players the metrics that Storytellers use to award XP, the Storytellers have published a document that defines the categories and amounts for those areas that the Storytellers evaluate when determining and awarding XP. If you have comments/questions/constructive criticism, feel free to contact the Storytellers at or feel free to discuss this publicly on our facebook page on the AIT Mailing List.

XP Awards: * These two categories are the only areas that are Storyteller discretionary.

ATTENDANCE - This is determined by reviewing the signed disclaimers that are received at the game. If you do not turn in a signed disclaimer, you will not receive XP.

DOWNTIME REPORT - Turning in a Downtime Report by the deadline. A more detailed Downtime Report increases the likelihood of earning a discretionary award (see OUT OF GAME WORK and ROLEPLAYING).

NARRATOR AWARD - If you are a Narrator and perform your required one half-hour Influence Desk shift.

EXTRA SHIFTS - You receive extra XP for each additional half-hour of Influence Desk shift work you perform.

SETUP - Helping to setup the game (moving furniture, decorations, setting up the Influence Desk, unloading vehicles, etc)

CLEANUP - Helping to cleanup after the game (returning furniture, packing decorations, cleaning trash, loading vehicles, etc)

OUT OF GAME WORK - A Storyteller discretionary award for Out of Game help over what is mentioned above (this can include maintaining servers, writing for the web page, newsletters, printing, providing snacks and drinks, donating props and decorations, etc)

ROLEPLAYING - A Storyteller discretionary award for exemplary role-playing, decorating, props or costumes.

FIRST GAME BONUS - All new players will receive the maximum XP award of 8.0 for their first game.

NEONATE BONUS - A bonus for all characters that are under 150 xp.

HUMAN BONUS - A bonus for all characters that are human (this does not include ghouls)

The Maximum XP awarded for a single game cannot normally exceed 7.0 for those players under 50 xp, 6.0 for those under 100, 5.0 for those under 150xp and 4.0 for those above 150 xp.

Players that have their characters voluntarily or force retired, removed or killed will have their XP reduced by the following formula:

  • All unspent XP is retained.
  • The player retains 75% of all spent XP.
  • In lieu of losing 25% of spent XP, a player may roll into a 0-point Ghoul character for six-months and then may obtain a full reroll.
  • If a player has not been in play for six months or longer, the play may obtain a full reroll.

    Players bringing new players to the game will receieve a bonus of .50 xp for each new player brought to the game.
    Players bringing a player back for their second game will receieve a bonus of .50 xp for each player they are responsible for bringing to their second game.
    These points do not count against the maximum award cap. (so a player may go over their maximums if they bring new players.

    BACKGROUND AND HISTORY - Any player may receive between 1-3 xp for turning in a background and history for their character. This award is judged on the basis of thoroughness, world integration, personality description, character motivation and goals, explanation of quirks, flaws and derangements, description of sire/lineage and reason/circumstances of embrace. The storytellers encourage you to write a background and history for every character you play; although each character will only receive this bonus once. Character backgrounds assist the Storytellers in writing character driven plots and scenes.

    Finally, the Storytellers may assign a penalty of .25-3.5 xp for Adverse Play. This includes cheating, destruction of property, meta-gaming, bringing weapons, alcohol or drugs to the game, disruptive and bad tempered behavior and generally being an extremely poor sport and spoiling the fun playing environment of others. Repeated offenses in these areas can result in more extreme disciplinary action such as the termination of characters and permanent expulsion from the game.

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