Mission Statement

The Storyteller's Mission Statement

Excerpts from the Chronicle and AIT Overview

It is the mission of the Storytellers to create and maintain a fair, equitable, and stable structure designed to support a diverse and tragic environment.

In accordance with the mission statement, the Storytellers for Atlanta Interactive Theatre are codifying the vision of the World of Darkness in terms of Atlanta Interactive Theatre so that all Players, Narrators and Storytellers, current and future, will know the stage on which the game runs as well as the boundaries for acceptable play and narration. This documentation will represent what Atlanta Interactive Theatre is, both for atmosphere and structure. This document will give everyone an idea of where the game is headed and there will be an announcement when an official document is being released.

The following sections outline a few of the areas that the Storytellers are developing. Each of these areas are attempts to help define the particular stage for the game, for the Players, the Narrators and the Storytellers. These sections are continuing to grow and new sections are being added as the Storytellers gain further insight into the game. The Storytellers have large sections of the game under debate at the moment.


The following Clans and their Antitribu equivalents will be allowed as Player characters at AIT:

  • Brujah
  • Gangrel
  • Gargoyle (bloodline)
  • Giovanni
  • Lasombra
  • Malkavian
  • Nosferatu
  • Setite
  • Toreador
  • Tremere
  • Tzimisce
  • Ventrue
  • Caitiff

The antitribu versions of the above clans will have the same disciplines as their non-antitribu counterparts. The difference between the antitribu and non-antitribu clans is their political affiliation within vampiric society.


Each of the traditions will be defined for AIT with respect to all of the changes made to the game. With all of the changes made to the basic White Wolf product, the traditions need changing and review to match AIT's new look.

The most important of the traditions is Masquerade, so special attention will be paid to this tradition to ensure that it is understood.

First Tradition: The Masquerade *

The Masquerade exists in the game to limit violence within the game as a whole. Breaking the Masquerade is the revealing of the existence of Kindred to Mortals.

Second Tradition: Domain

This Tradition provides for the sovereignty of the Prince and through him that of the Camarilla. The Domain of the Prince is the area over which he holds sway and possesses the power and/or ability to enforce his will.

Third Tradition: Progeny

This is a role-playing device which is designed to add depth and background to the game.

Fourth Tradition: The Accounting

This is a roleplaying device whose penalties will be determined by the In Game situation. An In Game period of Childehood of a period of several months will be enforced.

Fifth Tradition: Hospitality

This Tradition is a roleplaying device whose penalties are based on In Game actions and consequences based on the situation.

Sixth Tradition: Destruction *

This Tradition is a limit on violence in the game while still allowing conflict. However, it provides a counter-impetus to moving conflict to its ultimate end.

* The Penalty for breaking the First and Sixth Tradition is Death.


The Elysium will be defined so as to ensure that when the Traditions are enforced, there are not arbitrary decisions made. This definition will include the conceptual idea that an Elysium is a sanctuary where vampires can feel free to gather with little fear of Final Death.


Violence and role-playing are both important aspects to AIT's World of Darkness. Neither will be sacrificed for the other; however, the Storytellers must maintain a careful balance between both aspects. Specific rules for ensuring this balance are being developed to allow future Storytellers easy access to the vision of the game. These rules will also allow any decisions about these particular aspects of the game to be as impartial as possible.

Reward and Punishments

A set of guidelines are being established to determine the rewards for the Players who contribute the story. The rewards for the Players are handed out in the form of experience for each game. Experience Point Guidelines have been codified by the Storytellers.

A set of guidelines are being established to determine the punishments for Players who detract from the story. The punishments for Players usually include Storyteller intervention. This can include something as minor as a conversation with the Player about potential problems and can be as severe as removal from the game.

These guidelines will allow each of the decisions made by the Storytellers to hold the same weight and be as non-biased as possible. This set of guidelines will also show the Players exactly what is important about the game and how they can contribute to making the game a better story.

Storyteller, Narrator and Player Roles


The Storytellers are final arbiters in all rules concerning the game. They are the individuals charged with ensuring that everyone has as much fun as possible within the rules set aside to describe the game. These duties can include a wide range of activities, including feedback for downtime actions, arbitrating a scene, initiating plots for Narrators to run, and ensuring that as many of the Players as possible are happy. All of these duties should meet with the mission statement.


Narrator responsibilities include helping the Storytellers tell a story by narrating scenes for Players, running plots to keep the game interesting, running the influence desk to allow Players a full range of actions in the game, and provide logistical support out of game to ensure a smooth evening (i.e.: helping new Players become accustomed to the game by explaining the rules and getting them involved in the game).

Narrators are also bound by the mission statement.


Players are responsible for helping tell the story in such a way that everyone has a good time. They are the ones who enter plots and cause them to grow and live, and in doing so, expand them to include more of the Players. They are also there to create their own situations and in doing that give other Players a chance to respond, causing the story to grow even more. Story growth depends on Player participation.


It is important for everyone to understand the world around them, and understand the world in the same light. The atmosphere under which AIT's story is told is quite important; however it will differ in many respects to the World of Darkness outlined by White Wolf. AIT's modifications to the basic White Wolf products and the diversity of Players joining the game forces a change in the mood and atmosphere to be conducive to the mission statement. The Storytellers are developing a document that will describe the World of Darkness for AIT such that anyone reading it will understand what type of world they are playing in.

Camarilla Directive

It is the intention of the Storytellers that the Atlanta Interactive Theatre be, and continue to be, a game dominated by the Kindred of the Camarilla. Barring exceptional role-playing on the part of characters of sects other than the Camarilla, it is inconceivable and undesirable that any sect or group of sects ever gain dominance over the Camarilla in the existing Chronicle.

Requirements of Princes

  1. Regular attendance
  2. Accessibility to Storytellers and Players
  3. Ability to work with Storytellers
  4. Viable character (established personage with a power level appropriate to the responsibilities of position of Prince)
  5. Viable Player (someone who has an established Player base from which to draw)
  6. Support of characters in game (i.e.: characters in game will support you as Prince)
  7. Must sign off on World of Darkness Document and Prince Directive i.e.: Prince Directive is a signed document with these conditions and penalties
  8. Must be willing to act under Storyteller directive as needed (occasionally)
  9. Bound by World of Darkness Document mission statement

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in forced retirement of character.


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