Based on the rules and ideas in Vampire: the Masquerade and Mind's Eye Theatre 2nd Edition produced by the White Wolf Game Studio.

The AIT website attempts to offer themes, concepts and rules for the players of Atlanta Interactive Theatre. The information presented here is merely an adaptation of the original material presented in the Vampire: the Masquerade products offered by White Wolf, Inc. AIT would like to strongly encourage players interested in learning more about the Vampire: the Masquerade, the World of Darkness or any other White Wolf material to purchase the books that are offered by White Wolf, Inc. Helping to support White Wolf and their many high quality gaming products will insure that Vampire: the Masquerade will continue to be a rich and exciting gaming experience.

The AIT rules have been heavily modified by many authors and contributors. All parties retain whatever appropriate legal rights. Use of any of White Wolf Game Systems copyrights or intellectual property is not intended as a challenge to those copyrights.

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These products use the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. All mystical and supernatural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised.

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