Fox 5 News at Night (October)

After some channel flipping, you stumble across another news program discussing indie television. The woman on screen is wearing a yellow dress, and her brown hair frames her face perfectly.
“…is still going on into the actions of some students at Georgia Tech. These students were found to have stolen equipment from the various broadcasting classrooms on campus to sell to acquaintances looking to test a pirate broadcast signal. Police are still investigating into whom these pirate broadcasters are, but we all remember the movie they broadcast onto cellular networks at large.
Preliminary reports state that this pirate broadcast immediately burned out all of the video and broadcast equipment the students had sold to the still unknown broadcasters, which were then abandoned, leading back to the Georgia Tech students.
There’s been a huge amount of buzz as of late about the broadcast—I know that I still get chills thinking about that man picking up a car! I don’t know about you, viewers, but I know I’m interested in seeing more of this supposed movie experiment! Tweet me with your thoughts at daytonfox5!”
You turn off the news. Ugh, Twitter.