ABC Nightly News (October)

A commercial for some offbrand of Rogaine finishes, and cuts back to the middle of the news segment. A man in a finely tailored blue suit with an angular face, and silver-white hair begins speaking.
“Welcome back to the Nightly News. I’m Dale Anderson. Our next story is an update on the riots in Savannah. Savannah has finally calmed down after a night of sheer chaos and terror. The riots from the night of September 8th appear to have been between two rival gangs in the city. These gangs have, due to the violence, largely wiped each other out. At least to the SPD’s knowledge. Let’s go now to the Chief of the Savannah Police Department for an update.”
The news cuts to a segment recorded earlier in the day with the Savannah Chief of Police standing in front of a podium, reading a prepared statement.
“We haven’t been able to find out much about these gangs, other than the few that are left seem to have gone into hiding for good. The city has calmed down, and we’ve cleaned up the damages with the help of volunteers and the Savannah Fire Department. However, to be safe, we are still implementing a curfew for the next few months in case more riots occur.”
The news cuts back to Dale Anderson.
“We will keep you updated on any additions to this story as they happen. And now, to the weather for the remainder of the week. Janice?”
The news cuts over to the weather, and you flip the station. Because really, who cares about the weather unless it’s fire and brimstone?