[EXPIRED] CBS News at Night – September 8

Good evening!  Tonight on the 6 o’clock news, our top story is an update on Savannah.  The curfew remains in effect, and the roadblocks into and out of the city are still being enforced by Savannah police officers and Chatham County Sheriff’s deputies.  Attempts to find out from the officers the status of the city have been met with a stern, ‘No comment,’  and ‘Please stand back from the barrier.’  Reports have been received that individuals who have tried to sneak into the city via ground and water have been arrested and jailed. The Governor of Georgia has gone on record saying that the city is under lockdown due to an unknown terrorist threat that has been received, but that he has been in contact with the mayor of Savannah and they are certain it will be lifted soon, once the threat has been neutralized.  Local GBI and National Guard forces have been mobilized to assist with the search for the terrorists. We have been unable to get further information at this time, as Cell Towers have been rendered useless and transmitters have been destroyed or confiscated.  We do not even know if our own signal is reaching Savannah, so all we can do at this time is offer those innocents trapped in a city under siege our hopes and prayers that this situation is resolved soon.