NEW FLASH: Sorority Killings

WSTB – Atlanta. There is a rash of killings of young petite sorority girls from the metro Atlanta area universities. Starting on July 21st, there has been one young lady killed each night. Being disposed of exactly two(2) blocks from the magfnificous Fox Theatre. The young ladies are being tortured before their demise. The local APD (Atlanta PD) officers don’t have a clue on how or why the killings are happening.

An unnamed source within the APD (name being withheld as it is not their place to talk about this) informed us that if headway is not made soon, there will be a task force spanning all departments and all precincts across the city.

The WSTB family extends our condolences out to the family and friends of the victims. If there is anything you might know about this, please either call CrimeStoppers, your local APD precinct, or even us here at WSTB.