Growing technology and telecommunications company NTT Docomo has broke new ground with a new cellular device that is taking the world by storm. Tadashi Ishii, the founder of NTT Docomo has had this to say in a rare on camera interview,

“This will revolutionize communication the world over. We have seen what the Aquilla had accomplished and I and all of us at NTT Docomo respect deeply the work of Mr. Warden however we have done so much more with our new line of cellular telephones. Imagine being anywhere and being able to talk to someone. The code has been cracked and we are all incredibly happy with the results.”

NTT Docomo has just released on the world scale to products in cellular technology. The Kashikoi which has wifi access as well as the ability to search the web. There is also the Kuriketto, the more economic model that purely acts as a cellular phone. Either way these two products ship out to the world market tomorrow. Neither Clyffe Warden, nor Singular Wireless, was available to comment on this story.

Month: June