Fox 5 News Tonight

The camera pans into to see Russ Spencer. “Welcome to Fox 5 News Tonight. A local man claims he was sued, over some strange activities from a renter. Then, his property was sold out from under him and burnt down. Jaclyn takes us live to meet this Atlanta man.”

On site with Jaclyn Schultz. “Thank you Russ! I am here with Steve Moons, who claims he is just a victim in all this.”

The camera moves over to a tired looking Steve. He looks up at the camera and seems almost about to cry. “I don’t really know what happened. I rented out a building, then I was sued. Suddenly the building is sold and the firefighters burn it down in training. I just… I …” He starts to sniffle as the reporter breaks away from the meeting.

“We will be reporting on this strange event more. For now, what we know is it looks like Steven Moons sold his property fair and square, but he claims it was all the Russian Hackers. More to come as we look into this. Back to you Russ”

Back at main event, Russ is smiling wide and shaking his head. “Wow, that’s a lot to swallow. Alright, well there is always something else going on in Atlanta! Ghost ships. That’s right, a local woman claims they are keeping her up at night and others in the area swear they hear the singing too. We will head out to location and see …oh… I’m getting notified that our onsite didn’t make it. Sorry folks, we will have to come back to this. Instead, how would you feel if someone stole your car, but left you with something worth more than the car in return? One local man had just that happen. A woman carjacked him at the BP on Thornton Rd near 1-20. However, she didn’t leave him empty handed. The gold bar she left was worth more than 3 times his car. The owner says he is left with mixed feelings.

The screen goes to a previously taped interview with a middle-aged African American man in an old Falcon’s Jersey. “Yeah, that crazy lady just runned up in here and threw that brick on the ground at my feets. Next thing I know, she done took off in my car. I mean, I was mad until I found out how much this thing was worth. Now I’m kinda happy. I mean, that car was a piece of junk anyway.”

The screen goes back to Russ. “Wow, wish I could be that lucky. Ha. Anyway, we are going to take a break. Thanks for watching… Fox 5 Atlanta.”

Month: June